Monday, September 05, 2011

Fish, Frog, Octopus, Elephant, Motifs, Bookmarks, Earrings, Necklace, and Doily

Ginny has plans to tat an alphabet of critters and with that in mind she has tatted a frog by Pam Palmer's and a fish by Jane Eborall. Then we have Debbie Arnold's little octopus and an elephant from tatted animals by Inga Madsen that she left the ends on for sewing it to fabric.

Heather has been adding a lot of instructional material to her blog including some simple patterns for beginners like this daisy, butterfly and hens and chicks edging.

Michelle tried out Corinne's motif in Anika's HDT and Lizbeth Spring Green Med,both size 20 threads. Then she made another of Elizabeth's little crosses, this time in one of the vintage threads from Aunt Rose-E in size 70. The she and her daughter got together with Cindy and gave clunies a try. Clunies take practice, lots of practice.

Anika tatted these celtic earrings from Celtic Tatting: Knots and Patterns and added the little charms at the bottom. Some fairy charms inspired her to draw a design that would set them off and this onion ring motif is what evolved out of that. The pattern for this square piece is from Tatting Patterns and Designs done in Krystle's Of Berries and Fairies colour. She has been creating her own HDT like this "fruity" blend in various sizes. The motif is done in size 80. The onion ring design evolved into this wonderful necklace with the fairy charm suspended from it.

Marta has created a tatted covering for a tiny bottle so that the bottle can be worn as a pendant. She has also tatted a bookmark in green and white.

Sharon has gotten into the Winter Wonderland theme for Tat Days with this snowflake called Kencana from Jon's latest book, Elegant Tatting Gems.

Diane has another row completed on her blue doily and it's looking lovely. She has also tatted Corinne's motif in size 20 Lizbeth, colors #628 and #684.

Fox has been working on a pattern from The Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito but she has had problems getting the thread spacing the way she wants it and then she joined it in the wrong place. Jon's Firus and the next motif by Teiko Fujito were similarly uncooperative. The a pattern from Tatting Patterns- Aunt Ellen's Treasury was working out really well until she was sewing in ends and the bit that she had already sewn in came undone and couldn't be fixed. So frustrating! Finally this motif from The Classic Collection of Tatting Patterns (Workbasket) done in HDT #30 from Karey Solomon worked out really well. Then she got out some coloured markers and created a road map out of the pattern that she could follow. From The Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito, tatted in #16 Finca Perle in pink, another success and more waiting in the wings.

Isa is working on something in variegated green thread with green beads. She's not sure but it might become another tatting purse.

Martha's been having trouble with her computer, but it seems to be working now, which is good because she's still working on her playing with picots book and teasing us with samples.

Orsi has been busy, but finally had some time to get back to tatting and this is another modification of her most recent motif.

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Also, I just taught myself to taught in the last few months, so my motifs may not be the best but I like making them anyway.