Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Leaf, Motifs, Bookmarks and Purse

Tattabugg found the leaves starting to turn colour put her in the mood to tat Tammy Rogers Maple Leaf Motif from the February 1975 Workbasket in Lizbeth thread size 80, called appropriately, Falling Leaves.

Marta used Rita, one of Iris Neibach's designs from Fantasia 3 for a bookmark.
Fox was inspired to tat a motif from the vintage D.M.C book called 'Tatting' by Dillmont. Jon's Chinese Coin Bookmark is a hostess gift tatted in what she thinks is Heather's Wine and Roses, in size #20.

Isa has the two motifs done with crystal beads and hopes to have the purse done by October.

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Fox said...

Hi, Sharon,
Well I have done another 25! This is a great way of keeping tabs at what I am up to - for me. It works!

Sign me up again please!
Fox : ))