Saturday, September 03, 2011

Earrings, Bookmarks, Heart, Baby Booties, Snowflakes, Doily and Bracelet

The Guidelines
1. Permission to copy. When a participant joins they are authorizing us to copy their pictures to be shown on the challenge blog.
2. There is no need to advise the Challenge Team to let let us know when you've added things to your blog. We check all of the blogs when we do an update.
3. We can't keep track of how many motifs each person does. You may post articles of tatting that you don't plan on including in your 25, or you may post a pair of earrings and count each earring as a separate motif. We don't read minds, so it's up to each participant to tell us when they have reached their goal of 25.
4. We know from past experience that the challenge is addictive. If you finish and plan on doing it again let us know so that we continue to check your blog on a regular basis.
5. Whenever you get a chance don't just view the pictures here, take the time to click on the links to people's blogs and read all about what they are doing, instead of just getting the snippets of it here. People like it when you take the time to visit their blog and comment on their work. A lot of the fun of the challenge is that we get to know each other and encourage one another to try new things.
Heather has bought a pair of Krystledawn's earrings and is really enjoying them. New classes and new books need a new bookmark. The pattern is by Kelly Luljak, found on the tatting page worked in size 10, in a German variegated thread.

Michelle tatted Elizabeth Zipay's mini cross in Anika's HDT and loves both the pattern and the thread.

Prabhjyotsaini has always admired the split ring heart on Georgia's site and she finally took time to tat it.

Ninetta was inspired to created her own baby booties incorporating the butterfly she did earlier. She worked the design in size 80 DMC so the booties aren't wearable, but she thinks they might fit if done in size 30.

Jessica stitched her finished lace ruffle onto her hat to make a cheerfully charming chapeau. She's keeping her eyes open for a nice wide brim sun hat and when she finds it she can just snip the gathering thread she used and transfer the lace to the new hat.

Marta has tatted some more bookmarks, this first using a natural colour thread. The next is done in gold and indigo threads.

Sharon is looking forward to being a teaching assistant at the next Palmetto Tat days working through Sharren Morgan's Choose Your Own Snowflake Class. This one is done in Lizbeth Easter Egg colorway.

IsDihara has 2 interlocking ring lanyards finished courtesy of all day hurricane rain. For the one of the left she used Lizbeth 20 #638 Christmas Green and #652 Royal Blue. The one on the right used Lizbeth 40 #157 Raspberry Frappe and #638 Christmas Green. That officially finishes her first 25 motifs. Anne Bruvold's Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon tatted in pastel-colored quilting cotton blended with a sample of YLI red-gold variegated thread also uses interlocking rings giving the scales dimension. The interlocking rings and body bits are tatted in Altin Basak 40 Nakis Simi (Gold - Sari) and Ozen, size 50 - a 100% Polyester thread.

Bree after falling off her horse and sustaining numerous, sprains bruises and a small concussion, is back to tatting. Her hubby found a pair of hankies and a set of 2 little doilies and a tea coaster that he thought would cheer her up, which it did. Once she was able to sit and tat she did 4 tatted snowflakes, Lizbeth, size 20 Sherbet Delight for this first on in her own pattern, then Zamrund from Jon's Elegant Tatting Gems and done in Lizbeth size 20.

Fox was trying to tat one of one of Jon's designs in some rayon thread that Suneeti sent her, but after a tangled mess, she quit and did a Judi Banashek design from Impeccable Tatting instead. All's well that ends well.

Gina is continuing her exploration of vintage patterns and when she saw Plate V she began tatting the little 4 ring motifs using split rings. Then noticed a wee little nubbin in the middle formed by a tiny 10 stitch ring that folds down over the centre, making it necessary to do all of the motifs separately and she immediately fell out of love with the pattern.

Lily shows us the progress being made by her student after she switched from some crappy thread into a nice Hakelgarn size 10. Lily has been working on a Celtic Friendship bracelet by Jane Eborall using Camila size 10 in masculine colours of Black, Avocado, Tan, and Coffee.

Wanda is making some of her old snowflake patterns adding beads. The clear beads don't show up well in pictures, but they add a lot of sparkle in real life.

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