Friday, September 16, 2011

Butterflies, Doilies, and Motifs

Sharon is still not up to posting, so you'll have to settle for me (Jeff) again. As with the last post, the participants are not in the same order as they are listed on the right.

Heather has tatted Elizabeth's Small Cross in Aunt Lydia's crochet cotton, size 10 in white. It's not the best thread for tatting, but Heather bought it when she first learned tatting, and is trying to use it up.

Marta tatted Jon Yusoff's Chinese Coin bookmark, adding an outer round of a similar look to the bookmark.

Kristen gets to have a 5 day weekend, so she has decided to catch up on things that need doing, including tatting. She tatted a series of motifs from Tatting: Patterns and Designs by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson. She tatted the motifs as they are pictured in the book, from simplest to hardest.

Mary tatted another pendant. This time a little butterfly, done in pink.

Isabel answered Georgia's call for volunteers to tat something using Ruth Perry's Tatted Mock Hair Pin Lace technique. Isabel designed her own motif.

Bonnie also answered Georgia's call for volunteers for the Tatted Mock Hair Pin Lace technique. She tatted Saundra Hameed's Round Center Motif. Bonnie has never done real Hair Pin Lace, so she didn't quite understand the technique. After researching HPL, she realized she made the centre picots too long. It's still pretty, though.

Fox is still tatting up a storm. While waiting for a reply to an email she sent, Fox tatted a motif from Spitzen Kreationen by Susanne Schwenke, and she used Lizbeth #40 Sea Island Citrus with a yellow #40 Mercer. Also from the same book, Fox had some issues tatting the second motif (a snowflake), mainly with the abbreviations in the book. It can happen to anyone. Fortunately a fellow tatter was there, via email, to help. 

Diane's blue doily is coming along nicely. It's getting so big, it's hanging off of her computer. Diane had a bit of trouble with this round, mainly with the flower motifs cupping. If she had noticed earlier she could have adjusted the stitch counts. But with a bit of pressing, it turned out fine. She only has two more rounds to go.

Gina started tatting her Winter Butterfly. She set it aside for now. She's not happy with how it looks. The thread she is using for the wings is too bright for her taste. She also added a silver thread to the white thread in the body, and it adds enough thickness to the thread to make it thicker than the other butterflies bodies. She figures she may have to remake the body in a thinner thread, and possibly the wings too.

Lily found the perfect motif to tat for a ring finding she purchased. Using Lyn Morton's book Tatted Jewelry she tatted a motif called Candlelight Flower. Despite the motif cupping, Lily finds that she likes the motif (she didn't at first), and has stiffened the chains so they stand up. She still has a bit of finishing left to do on it. Finally, Lily started tatted Orsi's Napoleon motif using Hakelgarn size 10 thread in a pale yellow. She plans on making a pendant using the motif.

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Frances said...

hi my name is Frances and I would like the challenge of tatting 25 motifs in one year. my first 5 are posted on my blog 'Frances Makes Lace'