Sunday, September 25, 2011

Doily, Angels, Bookmark and Snowflakes

Axa found this Iris Niebach design but the needed a translation for the pattern It's done in size 20 Anchor Artiste thread.
Prabhjyotsaini's friend saw the doodle angel pattern by Birgit and wanted one for all the ladies who will be attending her sister-in-law's baby shower. Then she did it with beads, but her friend wanted them all in pink thread without the beads. Here are all the angels mounted on pins for the ladies to wear.

Marta was challenged to try tatting in string. It worked for this bookmark, but not well and now she is on the hunt for string that is more suitable.

Diane and Denise got together to help set a record with Palmetto Tat Days for the most tatters tatting the same pattern at the same time.

Fox received a fantastic thread sample from Umintsuru and used it in this pattern from the vintage D.M.C. book where she changed the small top rings to Josephine Knots. This of course ends another round of the 25 Motif Challenge for Fox and she's ready to go again.

Sue joined in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most people tatting the same pattern at one time.

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