Sunday, February 06, 2011

Necklace, Snowflakes, Edging, Cross, Motifs, Bookmarks, Butterfly and Earrings

Isa has tatted her 20th motif, which can be used as a pendant or a brooch. The center is a button with cristal stones and it's based on an idea from a German page/Kreative Knöpfe Occhi. It was made using blue nylon thread and cotton turquoise cotton thread size 20.

Carolyn has been having fun with the new threads she received for Christmas. This one is Tatted Star Bright by Nancy Tracy in Lizbeth size 20 color 104.

Nancy has finished the Clover edging from Mary Konior's book: Tatting with Visual Patterns and now all she has to do is crochet a border around the hanky and add the edging.

Ann shares the story of her grandmother's tatting beautiful crosses and how she learned to tat from the internet to make beautiful laces and how to conquer the final join without the lace twisting. She was even gifted her grandmother's tatting shuttles.

Diane received a lovely surprise in the mail of a pair of blue tatted earrings and a blinged shuttle from Lily.
Fox has been tatting a galloon from a vintage pattern. A galloon or galoon is "A narrow band or braid used as trimming and commonly made of lace, metallic thread, or embroidery." It comes from the Old French word galonner, to decorate the hair with ribbons. English subverts words from many languages. Fox has plans to do something with this design done here in ecru, but it will have to take a back seat to her current project also in a neutral beige, but with lots of colourful beads. What is she up to?

Ingrid finished the edging for this hanky, but she was getting bored with the pattern near the end.

Katherinne has another pair of tatted earrings to show. These are for a friend who wanted to see them in different colours.

Wendy tatted Jon Yusoff's Star using Lizbeth no 20 in this pretty blue. She likes how the design creates a little star in the middle as well as the elaborate outside one. She also tatted Editha a snowflake designed by Christiane Eichler and worked in size 20 Lizbeth. It's actually blue, although it's come out in the picture looking a little green.

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