Friday, February 04, 2011

Doilies, Shuttlebug, TIAS, Motifs, Necklaces, Ornaments and Bookmark

Crazykwilter isn't much of a doily person because she doesn't like having to deal with thread ends. This doily is her own design made with her own HDT and it's her first serious attempt at sewing in ends.

Isa has tatted a Shuttle Bug from Jane Eborall's website. It's posing here with TIAS day 9 almost finished and she still doesn't know what kind of things it is.

Jessica has now tatted enough of the motifs for the Star doily to know that it takes an hour and a quarter to tat each motifs and 2 wingspans of thread. She has 8 large and one small motif done and one motif where she uses the wrong picot count on one of the rounds. That one will have a jump ring added to turn it into a pendant. The baby bonnet is also progressing and she was joining the motifs as per the instructions which were quite vague and she assumed that she was to join the motifs in a row, only now it looks like that wasn't what she was supposed to do.

Karen is just finishing posting some of the last items from 2010 on her blog including this purple necklace with a turquoise bead. She also did an assortment of small ball ornaments. She finished one with red Guterman sewing thread, but the tiny thread drove her nuts so she switched to a chunkier thread and developed a pattern for them that worked up quickly. One of her coworkers added the ornament to her necklace and Karen made herself a necklace with matching earrings and little jingle bells on them.

Bree tatted this little motif in DMC ecru, size 20, and Lizbeth light pink size 20 using her own design and called it Journey. She has added another row and the pattern for you to enjoy.
Gwen tatted the snowflake from the Dover Publication Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman. Her friend wanted a medallions to use as a pendant and Gwen found the inner row of the snowflake was an ideal size.

Bev aka BJ has day 9 of TIAS done and has guessed it's a plane, but maybe not, you never know with Jane's clever designs. She also has a warning to beginner tatters not to take on enormous projects like this one as their first attempts, it's better to take bite sized pieces of tatting. Maybe something like this Rosemary Peel bookmark she did as a gift tatted with HDT from Yarnplayer; Garden Afternoon, and Olde Rose with a bit of ecru.

Fox used the opalescent ivory beads supplied by her Mom on this Teiko Fujito pattern tatted in size 20 Cebelia buttery yellow thread, tatting only the first round. She used Jane's method of attaching beads for the button and it is a very effective way of doing things - with a safety pin.
Lily had the thread break on day 7 of TIAS and had trouble adding new thread for day 8. She finally ended up just knotting the ends together.

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