Monday, February 28, 2011

Edging, Hearts, Bracelet, Earrings, Motif, Doily, Snowflake, Rooster, Chicken and Goose

Ninetta designed this very creative edging in block tatting using size 80 DMC thread it was a real challenge both to tat it and to draw it.
Cindy tatted Mary Konior's Queen of Hearts in Lizbeth Tropical Punch Size 20 but it didn't quite go the way she intended on the first try. Being a perfectionist, she had to do it again just to get it perfect.

Fox tatted Vicki Clarke's Dagger Heart and she really likes it and can see it done it many different threads. The pretty pink lace is an ankle bracelet for the little "Boss" who is thrilled with her new jewellery.

Gina repeated the insertion samples with some of her own dyed threads that she thinks are size 30 ant on one sample she used size 40 Venus for the crocheted headings. On the other sample she used the same thread as the tatting but decreased the chain stitches between sets of joins, which seems to have worked as well. She also added some beads for additional interest.

Isa tatted these earrings using a pattern from a Russian site with cotton thread size 20 and 80 beads. The idea for this motif went in one direction, but that tatting seems to have gone in another direction.

Katherinne was having trouble with Heart's Desire by Susan Fuller, but she finally spent some time with it and got it right in silver Lizbeth size 20. She had some free time this weekend and is on the fourth row of this pattern from A New Twist on Tatting, done in Lizbeth size 20 Caribbean.

Mica tatted 24th day of December from Bjørn's 24 Snowflakes in Tatting and did the centre ring separately because she was concerned about snapping the threads if she tried to do a split ring and climb out. She used 1 strand DMC metallic floss and the finished snowflake measures about 2.5 inches. She has done all of the designs in this book with metallic threads and splitting the threads was the hardest part. 
Vanessa already showed us the pear tree that is part of the wall hanging, and here are some of the other designs that will be featured on it. The hen and the rooster were from Christel Weidmann's book Tatting Farm Animals, and the baby chicks and the goose were designed by Jane Eborall. It's waiting to have it's picture taken because it's too large to scan.

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