Sunday, February 20, 2011

Butterflies, Motifs, Necklace, Ornaments and Snowflakes

Cindy has been busy at work and at home and hasn't done much tatting except to practice SCMRs with the Very Small Butterfly and the Gr8 Butterfly. Since she has reached her 100th post she thought she'd do a giveaway for a bag and an assortment of perle cotton and a trade for a wee bag.

Fox is blaming the current love of her tatting for her recent purchase.

Gina says it's the early onset of spring fever that has her tatting flutterbys. The top row is a pattern by Mary McCarthy that appeared in the August, 1990 edition of Workbasket Magazine. The top middle is Merrilee's Stardate HDT. The second row is another favorite that Rosemarie Peel used to have it on her website, but the link is under construction now.
Isa has used a motif from the book by Jan Stawasz with a lot of beads in size 20 thread to make a pendant.
Lily has Fox's Maeve finished, slightly incorrect but finished and she vows to do it again and get it right. Then she was having trouble sleeping because this design kept intruding. It didn't work out on paper like it did in her head; and it didn't work out in thread, like it did in her head, but it did work out. Now for some tweaking.

Maria is back to giving tatting her own special twist. Here's a motif on a tiny potpourri sun hat. A little snowflake and a snowflake suspended inside a Christmas ball. And a green and white snowflake from an old Burda magazine embellished with beads. 

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