Friday, February 18, 2011

Motifs, Hearts and Edging

Jessica is tatting the Star doily and has worked out a method where she tats three wheels joined to each other, then the little fill in. Then she does the 4th large motif, before she has to sit with the whole thing to attach the sections together.

Orsi was hesitant at first to start a blog especially in English, but now she feels like she's one of a community. She's on a roll with her Trafalgar edging which she has turned into a motif. She thinks could make it a hexagon or octagon and it would resemble a rose.

Corina tatted Mary Konior's Queen of Hearts in 1920 Lizbeth and with the left over thread she tatted another little heart. It's time for spring cleaning and sprucing things up even in the shop.

Fox has rounded another corner on her hanky edging and she previously said she was bored with it, but she has revised her thinking because she does like the pattern, she just wants to see it DONE.
Sue started Mary Konior's Windmills pattern from Tatting with Visual Patterns, but thinks using the 100 size thread wasn't the best choice, but she needed a break from using size 10. She grabbed the beautiful Rainbow Bright size 100 HDT from Tatskool and tried Mary Konior's Carnival pattern in Tatting with Visual Patterns and it certainly looks like a carnival.

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