Friday, February 11, 2011

Edgings and Motifs

Crazykwilter loves the Curved Edging from Needle Tatting with Style Book 1 by Barbara Foster. and she has done it in an assortment of threads including vintage Star thread size 70 as well as Lizbeth and Cebelia. She has also learned how to do split rings and has plans to learn how to do split chains. Way to go!

Kristen spent some time being sick lazing around and working on her placement which she has decided can be smaller to fit her smaller table, so she's going for 9x6 motifs and that means she already has 2 rows done. Instead of doing fill in motifs, I'd make the adjacent rings mock rings with a ring thrown off the top just so that I could tat it all in one piece.

Ninetta tatted this motif in DMC size 80 thread where the leaves and center are worked separately and joined during the last row of the center. The leaves are in pearl tatting with the ball thread and 2 shuttles and it measures about 10 cm. It is an experiment to make something similar to a crochet or sewed lace.
Isa tatted Tove's Square, a motif by Tove Karlsson from a Swedish tatting group magazine. She used Lissett's cotton thread size 20, crystal transparent beads in the join picots to the center of the motif and a larger bead in the center of the work. The next motif is her own design and she has plans to post the pattern. It was made with size 20 thread and silver beads in 3 sizes.

Bree tatted Angels in the Snow in soft pink and mocha Lizbeth size 20. Journey motif was also done in size 20 Lizbeth, in light green and springtime.

Carolyn used Lizbeth size 20 color 153 to make the Tatted Rose Medallion by Nancy Tracy and she's enjoying working on some smaller projects instead of doilies.

Fox tatted the second galoon from the pattern in D.M.C. Tatting by Therese de Dillmont with squared pink beads in the centre of each ring. She has a vintage hanky from her Mom that she is added a tatted edging to for her sister.

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