Friday, December 12, 2008

An oval mat and an owl

Ancolie shows her tatting in red,white and blue. A small oval mat in DM 80 on the model basis proposed by Mick Fouriscot in her book which is difficult because of split rings. Bob shows us his accidental owl. Don't you love it when things turn out right by accident? Gina test tatted an edging from Tatting Patterns by Mary Konior called "Embryo" in size 80 star thread, but it worked out too big for what she has in mind.
Laura has more of the snowflakes she did herself and another batch of those tatted by other people starched ready to go back on her tree.
Marilee shows how she uses beads on split rings.
Marty has some of Heather's HDT and she plans pigs for the "cotton candy" pink and Karey Solomon's "Here Be Dragons" for the "blue jay" & "blue raspberry". "Licorice" is going to become fall leaves, and a frilly decoration with the size 30 cammo to "girly" up her niece's cammo pants. The Christmas red, green, gold and silver is destined for ornaments. That's a lot of tatting so you'd better get busy.
I asked, what's the worst insult you have received in regard to your tatting? Why do you suppose people like to put down fibre arts? Answers anyone?
Sherry has had someone take her new book The Exquisite Collection of Tatted Butterflies and try to sell it as their own creation. The situation seems to be resolved for the moment, but it's always important for us to remain on our guard against such thefts.

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Vinnie said...

Hi! love the beautiful thigs all of you are making. I don't really know if I can take up the challenge or not but I'll definitely try.