Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Earrings, Snowflakes and Hearts

Heather has already tatted two of Jon's Quantiesque snowflakes. The first is in her hand dyed thread "Lemon Lime Freeze" and the second is in her hand dyed thread "Many Colors" and white. Very pretty Jon and Heather!

Ellen Lai won a beautiful cherry wood shuttle on Ebay and shows us pictures of both sides. She has also tatted a lovely heart and put it in a coaster.

Jeff has tatted Yarnplayer's beautiful "Dream" necklace and earring pattern in her "Purple Punch" hand dyed thread. Lucky Jeff's mom! This is motif #16 of Jeff's second 25 motifs.

Joy has finished her 50th motif! Good job. She tatted around a cute little snowman. She got this idea from a new crochet challenge she has joined. I like it!

Carol has made hats for herself and her cute little dog. They have tatted snowflakes on them and her's even has reindeer around it.
Gina has some beautiful pictures. She tatted one of Rozella Linden's snowflakes last night in red and white. She can finally show us pictures of the goodies she sent to Betsy. Betsy should be very happy!
Sherry has provided us with some good links to help starting blogs and adding links to blogs. Thanks Sherry!

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