Friday, December 05, 2008

Snowflakes, Spinning Wheel Mats, Prizes and Projects!

Heather has been battling a sore throat and some other disappointments. However she does have some pictures that are interesting.

Carol has been very busy with little time for posting. She is having trouble keeping up with the tatting blogs, but says that is a good thing as it means more people are tatting. She is right! She shows us her completed TIAS with a section missing, but it looks good to me.

Shay has a picture from 1947 of some crocheted lace trimmings for a nightgown. She thinks they would be pretty on a v-neck blouse. I agree.

Iris and her friend have finished the two pullovers and they are so lovely. She has also made a Nativity set for a friend that is very sweet.

Wendy is brushing up on her knitting for cold winter nights by watching How To videos.

BJ has tatted a lovely pair of earrings designed by Sheila York for her daughter in her favorite color - lavender. She also has written a nice, long post well worth reading.

Connie has two lovely bookmarks to show us plus an order from Handy Hands and some sample threads.

Wanda shows us the evolution of a snowflake. She doesn't like her first two attempts, but is happy with the third. I like them all!

Ancolie has some lovely things to show us. Unfortunately I understand very little of her language. I hope those of you who do will enjoy what she has to say.

Carol has made a flat-faced Jingle Santa that she is writing out the pattern to share. Thanks Carol!
Clyde is staying busy tatting while helping his partner's dad to recover from surgery. He will have pictures to share later. He is tatting Ruth's Celtic Snowflake in HDT Apple Blossom.
Diane has made her first attempt at frontside/backside tatting. She found it a little confusing at times, but the oval insert is beautiful.
Gina has won some new fabric. Congratulations. Yes, I think you will have to get on with the CQ! She also has lots of other things to tell us about.
Jon has received the goodies she won from Tatting Goddess. You must go look. What a lucky lady she is.
Kathy is tatting an "M" for her niece to be sewn onto a sweatshirt. She hopes to share the pattern with us in January. Thank you Kathy.
Laura has finished one more glass mat in Yarnplayer's "Fern" hand dyed thread. She hopes this is the last one, but won't promise.
Marilee has been busy getting ready for the Artisans and Entrepreneurs Market happening this weekend. She has tatted a beautiful new necklace that I will certainly snap up if she doesn't sell it at the Market!
Pamela has taken a break from snowflakes to tat some glass mats in her Rainbow Bright hand dyed thread. They are beautiful!
Riet has helped Terry The Tatter solve a problem. I'm sure she is much appreciated. Riet is very busy with her tatting guild work.
Sherry is going to come home a month early to teach at Shuttlebirds. Many thanks to her hubby for sharing her with the tatting world. She will be teaching encapsulation and how to keep your shuttles organized with multi shuttle tatting.
Zarina shows us part 2 of her Malaysian Rainbow Quilt and some other cute pictures. The quilt is amazing.

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