Friday, October 03, 2008

So much tatting and lots of T.I.A.S.

Kathy N
shows us her MOTIF #2 Basic Three-Leaf Clover-and-Chain Pattern in a cute little basket.

Jeanne has a beautiful new logo and has finished Day 9 of the T.I.A.S.

TattingChic shows us her Day 9 of the T.I.A.S.

And all of the elements together.

Nita has completed motif #19which is a lovely pineapple doily that reminds her of crocheted pineapple doilies. Lovely work Nita.

She has also finished Day 10 on the T.I.A.S.

Ellen Lai has completed Day 9 of the T.I.A.S., after some difficulty, in pretty blues.

She has also made another Lucky Sequin Clover for a colleague.

Aileen has a lovely assortment of bookmarks for office Christmas gifts.

And here is Jane's precious penquin pattern. She has named him Ramone. Too cute.

Jeff has finished Motif #15 in a pair of earrings for his Mom's birthday. Do you need another mom, Jeff? They are Yarnplayer's Carnival Pattern.

He has also retatted his Male Betta in a beautiful blue thread from Sylvia.

Claudia presents Motif #4, a flower from a Lisa Trumble pattern.

Claudia's Motif #3 brings us more Spring flowers from Elizabeth Davis' blog. They are called Dancing Flowers.

received a lovely thank you card from Linda for test tatting.
has completed another lovely doily in Lady Shuttle Maker's Tuscany thread.
Jon has tatted a lovely purple doily from a design she did years ago.
Laura has completed Day 10 of the T.I.A.S.
Yarnplayer has some new Tourmaline thread and some very exciting news!
Mary has made some lovely new cards and completed a Jan S. doily.
Riet has a lovely new post after an absence. She has the sweetest nativity scene and some pictures from Palmetto Days.
Ruth has posted a beautiful snowflake and a scary, new spider. She promises patterns soon!
Sherry has announced holiday shipping for her Etsy store!
Snowy shows us a partially completed "Beatrice" doily and some lovely bobbin lace with a very sweet story to go with the doily.

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