Monday, October 27, 2008

Free Patterns

Well Tattingchic's blog is a must see for all lovers of hand dyed thread and original shuttles. She is showing of a collection of threads that she received from Lady Shuttle Maker and Tatskool and shuttles from Hankering for Yarn.

Nita has tatted a Ben Fikkert snowflake as motif #22 for the challenge and is very proud of completing it.
Aileen is asking herself and others what to do about her UFO'S and she is restarting the 25 motif challenge and is only going

Iris has designed a pattern for a pentagon and she will be sharing the pattern with us all soon.
to use new patterns.

Joy has made a beautiful hand towel as a present for her sister.

Wally has made motif's 7,8,9 and10 and they are all beautiful little hearts.

Clyde has special Maple leaves falling in his backyard and a picture of a snowflake from the future.
Gina talks a bit about her cruise and tatting.
Ruth has been very kind and posted a pattern for a Star of David that she designed.
Sharon is generously sharing her pattern for a Snowflake Sun-catcher.
Sherry has done a spectacular job tatting a pineapple doily (can I get the pattern?) and her four o'clock class is making amazing progress. It must be the teacher.

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Tattycat said...

This is a very nice post Clyde. Thanks!