Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Tatters

Heather has her new book Ornament Tatting With Glass Balls ready for sale in hard cover or PDF format.

Tattingchic has an amusing post about being a tatting addict. I promise you will have a good chuckle if you read it.

Ellen is happy as her summer exchange package has arrived after 2 1/2 months. Talk about snail mail.

Aileen has been very busy with her Christmas tatting making bookmarks, motifs and other goodies.

Jeff has been busy and has done a little bit of tatting but no pictures yet.

Iris has tatted a cluny doily and asks what we think about using triangles in tatting.

Claudia has made motif #6 and it is her own design. A cute little flower.

Anne has been working on a center piece doily since the summer and she has now finished it. What a beautiful piece of tatting.

Wally has completed the 25 motif for the second time with 2 beautiful flowers.

Neophyte has joined the 25 motif challenge and her first motif is a wonderful pair of earrings.

Clyde wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving
Laura thinks she found a picture of the lighthouse that the TIAS was modeled after and she has fallen in love with Pamela's Rainbow Bright HDT.
Pamela has a story about a snowflake and a starfish made with her rainbow bright HDT.
Gina reminds us to think of the positive and not dwell on the doom and gloom.
Sherry is going on holidays to China but her blog will post automatically while she is gone.
Snowy has tatted a snowflake in Pamela's rainbow bright HDT.
Zarina has been bitten by the craft bug on her last trip to the sewing store. You have to see her blog to see why she has such a smile on her face.

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Tattycat said...

This is a great post, Clyde. Thank you so much for your time consuming work.