Friday, October 24, 2008

More Snowflakes, Doilies, Hand Dyed Threads and Leaves

Heather says,"These are just some leaves I came up with... Hubby says they don't really look like leaves, but I think they do LOL" I think they do too!

Jeanne has been inspired by Clyde to look for more HDT. She shows us a picture and a link to a new supplier. Very pretty thread.

Tattingchic has some lovely new threads and HDT's. She also has a beautiful new Lady Hoare style shuttle from Grizzly Mountain Arts. She says she wants a cure for her addiction, but I don't believe her!

Amie has tatted motifs 11 - 15, these motifs being beautiful snowflakes. Beautiful work Amie.

Nita has tatted Jon's rose doily in lovely pink and green. She enjoyed the pattern very much and plans to tat it again.

Ais has tatted a coaster from Doilies and Coasters - a book of tatting from Burda. It is size 20 Cebelia.

Barbara finally decided to use one of her HDT's. It's a leaf design by Tammy Rogers tatted in Marilee's Sugar Maple. She made a mistake, but worked it into the design and already has her shuttle loaded to tat it again.

Jeff has really been busy with Ruth's Celtic snowflake, Beanile lace and invisible tatting. His work is beautiful!

Bob is tatting cute, (I mean EVIL), halloween masks. Sorry Bob. They're cute to me!

Meme' has tatted one of Iris Niebach's collars in white. It is lovely.

Terry has tatted a lovely broach in Altin Basak pink with pearl beads. It is from a Japanese book.

Connie has a challenge for us. Can you answer her question?

Joy just finished tatting a lovely hanky edging to make a bonnet for a friend who is expecting a baby. The color is so soft and pretty!

Wally has tatted motifs 3, 4 and 5. They are three beautiful pink hearts. The patterns are from Sue Hanson and Karey Solomon.

Carol received a cute skull bracelet from Martha. Lucky Carol. She also tatted Anne's dragon.
Clyde is in hand dyed thread heaven with 3 - 200 yard skeins of Marilee's Tourmaline!
Diane has tatted another Spinning Wheel Glass Mat in Sherry's Terra Cotta. Another jewel Diane!
Gina wants us to keep in mind that change is good!
Jon's blog wouldn't let me in so don't know what's there. Maybe you can get to it.
Laura has been busy with snowflakes and thread winders.
Marilee is working on a new design that has beads on the 2nd half of the split ring. She gives us a good tutorial.
Mary shows us 9 year old Meagen's blue ribbon state fair entry. It is amazing!
Pamela is showing us all of the Rainbow Bright snowflakes that are falling on her house.
Sherry is tatting a beautiful purple pineapple designed by Camelia Crapo Lambert. She was working on this while sitting on the Great Wall of China!
Zarina is laying in supplies for 2009. Way to go Zarina!

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