Sunday, October 19, 2008

Motifs, Jewelry and The Rainbow Christmas Tree

Heather has tatted her own simple butterfly for motif #14 of the challenge. She also gives us the pattern.

Kathy shows us her third, forth and fifth motif and begins the story of how she learned to tat.

Tara has entered a doily and gloves into the fair and has been busy tatting a bookmark and working on baby boots.

Shirley has been busy tatting and has now finished 16 of her 25 motifs. She has tatted a ballerina, a snowflake with beads and a rosary.

Ellen has been very busy with her children and their pets but still has had time to tat some pretty little flowers and butterflies.
Martha has designed some rather unique Halloween jewelery. Any one who likes Halloween would like to tat these and she includes the pattern.

Wally is on her third 25 motif challenge and this time it is hearts. She has tatted a heart designed by Sharon Briggs as her third motif.

Carolyn has completed her 7th motif of 25 it is a cross designed by Rodger aka Freedman.

And now for the rest of them.
Gina is using the automatic post feature of blogger to do some posts while she is away. There are 2 posts with nice music and messages.
Laura has put up her Rainbow Christmas Tree and it is a sight to see.
Pamela went to the 25th anniversary party for there Wild Life Animal Park. You have to go to her blog and see the pictures of the cake they are not to be missed, it is amazing.
Sherry shows some interesting mother of pearl buttons.
Snowy has written a piece about using peoples real names on the Internet.

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Tattycat said...

You did a great job Clyde! Lots of pictures to post this time. I appreciate what you do.