Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hearts Doilies and Snowflakes

Eliz was challenged to use the Valeire Square to make a heart. Somehow it just didn't come together until now. Here's the Valeire Square Teardrop & Heart complete with pattern. Anne thinks she's finally found a pattern for a doily that will be as big as she wants. There's lots of tatting being done this summer so it looks like the knitting needles will get a rest. Bob has finished the last article for the round robin a lovely 7 point snowflake in green based on the Elegant Snowflake from Rozella F Linden's book Easy Tatting. Bev is joining a growing number of tatters getting the word out for people to avoid buying from the "timeless" web site.

Margaret tatted these wee mice to give the cats something to chase. Both the cats and the mice were sent to Aileen in the round robin.
Mrs John has posted 6 unimportant things about her tatting including the picture of the results of distracted tatting. Never mind, we all have a few pieces like that, at least you can undo the ring for a quick fix.Aileen has her tattings back from the round robin, but no time to post pictures just yet. She's thinking of selling her picot gauges. What do you think?

Nita tatted all of the Snowflakes Roses from the book by Denise Munoz and used DMC 80 for all of them. This is one of the patterns.
TattingChic shares a picture of a tatted liberty bell she found in an antique store years ago. Teri Dusenbury's Wheel of Fortune heart pattern was tatted with Sherry's HDT Seaweed size 20 and DMC's Cebelia Red size 20 with black plastic faceted beads for the seeds to make a juicy slice of watermelon.
Diane is doing a review of all of the Iris Niebach books she has.
Joyce has finished the last row on Jeanette's doily for the round robin.
Clyde has completed the heirloom doily for his daughter. Magnificent.
Jon shares the pattern for her dimpled edging.
I have posted a picture and I challenge you to use it to create a snowflake.
Snowy is going through Jon's snowflake book.
Marilee gives us a peek at something she is working on.
Laura has posted some pictures from Picasa and they seem to disappear
Melissa is on the 4th round of her doily.
Sherry received a tatted ice cream cone made in her own HDT.
Gina posted a template for a crocheted vest that could be done in tatting.

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