Monday, June 30, 2008

Bookmarks, Baskets and Butterflies

Anne has started another couple of doilies in search of a large centre piece. The first design has too many chains only rows that she doesn't like and a small mistake at the beginning of the second doily left her with an uneven number of chains in the outer row, so her quest continues. Norma has lots of butterflies attached to her shirt and added a little embroidery, beads and ribbon to embellish them. Isn't it gorgeous? Her CQ blocks have tatted baskets and lots of wee tatted flowers and the large basket is filled with an assortment of tatted flowers.

Margaret is joining the growing number of tatters who are making the public aware not to BUY vintage patterns which can be had for FREE.

Mrs John was at a drag race on the weekend and made contact with some people interested in tatting. They had a nice chat about threads and dyeing and shuttle collecting and were sent away with some more contact information.

Aileen has given her plastic card picot gauges a face lift.Ais is getting better at her tatting. How do we know? She had a round on a doily that wasn't behaving and she had the courage to cut it off. As a beginner just the idea of cutting off tatting would be unthinkable, but a few miles/kilometers of tatting later and you know you won't like it so you might as well cut. Zarina is giving this collection of bookmarks made with her own HDT to the people who helped her out with her questionnaire. Her most recent bookmark was made with her new thread colour, the inspiration for which are the colours on an Elle sports blouse.

TattingChic gives us a glimpse of all her tatting shuttles.

Diane worked a small motif with Sherry's Karen's Halo HDT in silk.
I have blogged about the stolen tatting images.
Laura has tatted Clyde's Ray of Hope doily in Marilee's HDT Rhubarb Pie.
Sherry has a "name the doily" contest going.
Gina has more wedding dress pics.

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