Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Snowflakes in Summer

Riet has been working on things for the Palmetto Tat Days. There is an Angel with a dimpled heart centre and a dimpled heart inside a dimpled heart. These are variations on Eborall's patterns used with permission. Jane challenged people to design something around sequins and Riet took it a step further and worked on mother of pearl disks. They made a perfect backing for pictures of her favourite cutie and the pictures are beautifully set off with the tatting. A grouping of these pictures make a wonderful mobile.
Eliz will have her teddy bear pattern available soon. Keep watching her blog for more info.

Margaret was at the lacer's guild meeting and one of the ladies showed her that she starts each ring with a 'ring stitch' - an extra stitch at the beginning of the ring. Supposedly she does this to 'open' the ring. Has anyone else heard of doing this? All it would seem to do, is throw off the stitch count.

Shay tatted Mrs Beeton's Rosette in size 8 DMC on a fine needle. Then she did it again without the centre ring in some glittery floss that she thought would make a nice snowflake but it wasn't really spectacular and it was a stinker to work with. She started it again in DMC 20 and while it's pretty, it's also pretty small. She has plans to do it in size 10 red with gold beads to make a Christmas poinsettia.

Aileen has taken a picture of all of her tatted pieces received in the round robin. Aileen requested animals and started with her own black cat, Bob added a ginger cat, and Margaret a turtle and some mice for the cats to chase. Joy tatted a dragonfly for the collection and now they are all back home. Many thanks to Aileen for helping to keep this international group on track.
Joy can post the picture of her round robin piece now that it's back home. The dragonfly Joy tatted for Aileen was made with thread from her Dad's stash in size 30 and dark purple beads. The pattern is "Lisa's Dragonfly" by Lisa Reichart from the Tat's All web site. That finishes Joy's 25 motifs.
Ellen designed this large snowflake in Manuela 20 for the round robin. The finished flake named Snowflake Meme measures 4 3/4 inches across. While she was in the mood for tatting snowflakes she did the next one which is about 1 5/8 inches across and some smaller 1 inch snowflakes that she mounted on paper clips.
Shirley joins the challenge with a bookmark from Kim's Tatting Page entitled "forget-me-not bookmark" which was adapted from a collar pattern in the Aug./Sept. issue of the 1976 Old Time Crochet Magazine tatted in size 30 thread. Her second piece is her first venture into Celtic tatting and the pattern is by Jane Eborall.
Mary has posted an unusual flower. Do you know how she did it?
Clyde has added a pencil to the picture of his doily to give some perspective.
Jon needed her own tatalong doily and she's working it in Twilley 40.
Snowy has just receive Iris Niebach's Tatting Doilies in some supplies she ordered from Roseground.
Laura's "snowflake house" is overflowing with colour.
Sherry has "Raspberry Mousse", "Royalty" and introducing "PEACH PANDOREA" on it's way to the shop.
Martha tatted a little lamb to go with her TIAS Mary.
Gina is finding gauging the length of "Maids of Honour" for a hanky a bit of a challenge.

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