Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bells, Flowers, Hearts and Bookmarks

Anne's centrepiece is progressing but she got some books, thread and shuttles in the mail, which distracted her a little. She has made her first Celtic motif, but she's going to post the finished photo later. She had some time to tat in the garden at her parent's place and the centerpiece has grown some more.
Sapna posts 10 questions and 10 answers and suggests it would be good for others to join in and do the same, if only so that other people know what to give you.

Bev has done a review of "Tatting Collage" by Lindsay Rogers. Her beading shuttles and picot gauges have come from Nina Libin and she immediately put them to work on her July exchange piece. Also received were some commissioned shuttles from Grizzly Mountain Arts. 1 post and 1 bobbin because Bev is an equal opportunity tatter.

Jeff shares his maple leaf motif in honour of Canada Day which was July 1st. Jeff is working on his final motif which is something he has done before, but he forgot to photograph it. He'll post the picture after his exchange partner gets it. His Mom loved the bracelets he made for her and Marilee's Carnival earrings made in Altin Basak thread and blue Czech seed beads. shown here, in progress.

Joy has finished her first 25 and decided to go for 50.
Nita took a class with Terry and learned several new techniques. This is one of Terry's 13 bell designs done in size 12 DMC cotton and size 11 seed beads.
TattingChic shares a friendship card she made.
Tara has joined the challenge and started her blog with the Cherub doily which can be found on Gale's Tats All site. Tara's version of the recent TIAS is a Saloon Girl which she attributes to watching a lot of westerns while working on it. She tatted Mary Konior's Large Cross in size 80 Venus thread as a gift for a friend going in for surgery.
Wally's recent Hibiscus which combines tatting with crocheted chains and single crochet in a vibrant blue thread. She has re-done it in red with modifications and decided to call the first one a fantasy flower and this one is the REAL Hibiscus.

Pamela has Green elephants.

Carol's tatting has won lots of awards at the fair.
Snowy's on the fourth round of her doily.
Marilee shows another peek at her upcoming book.
Laura has more snowflakes to share. She's looking for the name of the designer of her recent snowflake done in Winter Blend.
Marty is having fun tatting Jon's Snowflakes.
Sherry's working on a new batch of Rainbow Sherbet.
Gina has been tatting motif bookmarks.

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