Monday, July 21, 2008

Cross, Bookmarks, Snowflakes and Doilies

Elizabeth has posted a picture of her mini cross that is 1.5 inches tall in size 20 thread. Elizabeth has also shared the pattern for this lovely little cross. Please let he know if there are any mistakes in the pattern or if the instructions could be written any clearer. Good feedback makes for better patterns.
Anne is testing Häklegarn 20 on a pattern from the book Orkis Oppskrifter by Eli Lund. The original pattern has a lot of rings with 98 cut and tie ends which she reduced to 4 by using split rings. Instead of making 7 separate motifs she was able to do it in one go using SCMR.
While Iris was in Matera, she found a design in he notebook that was a sample for the Japanese design class. She worked it out and incorporated a bit of the design challenge from my web site.The doily is made of six hexagons done in size 20 thread in cream. Isn't it gorgeous. I'm totally envious of Iris' designing skills.
Aileen won second prize in Sherry's name that doily contest and received 20 yards of silk thread. She has several WIP's and some finished pieces which are destined for exchanges so she can't show them yet. This is the centre bit of doily from a vintage mag done in 20 coats. She cut off the outer rounds because she didn't like how they looked. The bookmark is Kersti's Tabatha done in a variegated green size 20 Omega. Now she's on to Christmas tatting. Christmas!???!
Ellen has poster her version of the snowflake from the Design Challenge blog. I don't have favourites, they are all beautiful, but my personal preference is that Ellen's is the most beautiful.
Joy posted a picture of some of her Dad's tatting tools.
Diane tatted Elizabeth's mini cross, but botched the pattern so no pictures yet.
has a clever Icthus pattern done using half ring braid and he has included the pattern on his website in PDF format.
Jon has a n edging and corner design to show complete with the pattern.
Marilee has a polymer clay heart available in her Etsy shop, pierced with holes ready for adding tatting.
Laura plans to record the thread requirements for the things she has tatted.
Melissa has used pink and blue tatting on a CQ block.
Sherry tatted a bookmark inspired by a pattern in the Big Book Book of Tatting with size 20 SILK "Rainforest" and "Pear Glace". She notes that this silk tats up a bit smaller than size 20 cotton thread.
Gina did some fishy tatting for Jeff.

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