Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bookmarks, Cards, Heart and Dragon

Meme has posted pictures of the tatting from the round robin. The first picture is the snowflake and bookmarks received from Ellen. The second picture are the bookmarks that Meme sent to Jennifer. Unfortunately Jennifer did not send out anything to any of the other participants.
Anne has completed the doily based on the pattern from the book Orkis Modeller by Eli Lund. She was enjoying the outdoor weather while tatting it and apparently the bumblebees approved of the colour and pattern and cam by to see what she was working on. Ann has been thinking about how to finish off her dragon and after learning some new techniques, here he is. Keep watching Anne's web site for the pattern.
Iris posted a picture of the beautiful doily she did in traditional tatting and now she has posted the pattern for it.
Jeff shows a preview of what he tatted for his partner in DMC Cordonnet size 50 thread and Oren Bayan Metallic thread.
Bonnie has been away from tatting for a while, but recently she tatting the Heart Frame from Tatting Hearts by Teri Dusenbury using Marilee's HDT a solid "Roses" colour.
TattingChic shares a picture of a T-shirt she embellished with tatting years ago. It still looks great after lots of washing.
Tara has been making some cards. The first is a Get Well card and the second is a Birthday card. They're both lovely.
Joy used the white area of the image on the Design Challenge blog to create her snowflake. Isn't it neat?
Mary has created a butterfly heart and tatted leaves from Mary E. Fitch's book Tatting Series # 6.
Diane doesn't quite have enough "Citrus LIMON" HDT to finish "Cornelia". It'll be about 10 inches across when it's done.
Mark has a wonderful half ring braid Icthus pattern done and shares the pattern in PDF format.
Jon created a wonderful edging with a corner and shares the pattern for it.
I took my own challenge and created a snowflake for the Design Challenge. Then I did another variation and scanned the snowflake with several repeats to see what it would look like as a doily.
Marilee has 3 new colours, Vibrato, Magenta and Cerulean. They all look yummy.
Marty was given a Round Tuit, so now she can get everything done. It's a good thing because she just received lots of HDT from Marilee and Sherry.
Sherry has a lot of things on the go and is feeling a bit overwhelmed. In spite of that she has 2 new dye lots ready.
Kathy is a Rat. You don't believe me? Check out her blog. She's a very active tatter for a rat and she's done several new motifs using exchange threads.
Gina is still working out what she needs to do for the tatted hanky edge.


AngelSan said...

hello, I'm a new tatter, and I just finished my first angel from "Christmas Angels and other tatting patterns" book, after training on basic flowers.

And now I'm looking around for other tatters blogs...

AngelSan said...

ps: I posted pics on my blog,