Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cats, Bats, Hankies, Leaves and Ornaments

Pamela has been tatting bats and black cats for Halloween using Ruth's Tootie Fruity Bat, the best one done in Coats Red Heart 20. Mark's bat was done in Flora 20 and Mark's design for a cat on a broom was done in Flora 20 also. Check out the spooky collage Pamela made with it all!

Sylvia's blog has exceeded it's transfer limit again this month.

Wendy posted a picture of the quilt she sent to Suzyhomemaker, some of the squares she has woven, and a picture of some of the Halloween witches she has. This is Wendy's 500th post and she's doing a surprise gift give away. Don't forget to leave a comment on her blog.

Anne has picked up some more yarn and now she has the delightful task of deciding what to knit with it.Her nimble fingers have been busy and she's down to the last 10 rows of the Icelandic Fan Shawl. She's also working with some silk yarn and making a scarf and as if that's not enough she's half way through tatting a small motif.
Sarah has been reminiscing about the television she used to watch.

Connie made several baby blankets out of soft and cozy polar fleece, and another one she crocheted. She also posted a picture of the doily she crocheted.

Iris posted Part 2 of her South Carolina adventure. I suppose Iris probably travelled the greatest distance to attend the Palmetto event and contributed to making it another great event. Iris has also been tagged to post 7 weird or random facts.

Norma admits that she already has too many pans in the fire. She's working on the TAST challenge, a CQ winter block, a Secret Santa exchange, and using vintage hankies her mother gave her she has put together a wall hanging for her mother and started another for herself. She included on hers one of the hankies she made with a tatted border. Isn't this a wonderful way to revitalize old hankies that may have stains or rips?
The lock joins necessary to make the Autum leaf from Nancy Tracy's Tat's Where I Stopped have been giving Diane some trouble. Lock joins take practice. You need to make sure the thread is in the proper place before you pull it tight. Diane followed the instructions I gave for putting links in your posts and in your sidebar on Blogger and it just wasn't working. That's because she's using a Mac and I use a PC. After some frustrating changes she now has some icons that work.Bev has been tagged to post 7 weird/random facts.

Ruth has posted a Halloween jigsaw puzzle. The twisted Celtic rings make this delightful snowflake in one round. The Christmas ornament is one that Ruth made for her Mom and Dad when she was about 13 years old and the thread was knit cro sheen so it's about 3x5 inches. Ruth knows the design is in DMC's Festive Tatting from 1983, but she's wondering if it was in an older publication too. Any ideas?

Mark rescued some antique netted lace done in very fine thread. Sadly he also had to attend his lace teacher's funeral. We'll be thinking of you Mark.

Snowy has been tagged to post 7 weird/random facts.

Laura is continuing to tat leaves from Sherry's pattern. She used size 10 crochet cotton for one and didn't like how it turned out, but the size 5 DMC Perle Cotton made a beautiful leaf.
Melissa finally got to meet in person a friend she's had for a year on the internet. Isn't it amazing that we can know so much about people we've never met because of this wonderful thing called the internet.

Sherry has moved the link to the Autumn Leaf pattern to the side bar and she's working on a cover for her book.The November Shuttle of the Month has a lovely autumn tree on it.

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