Friday, October 05, 2007

Lions, Snails, Butterflies, and Snowflakes

Elizabeth posts a pattern of mine she calls "graduated circle." that she mainly uses for earrings, but here used it in a pendant for a tatting exchange run by Mary Donahue. Elizabeth would like to have some "play" time for some abstract or asymmetrical designs, but she's just too busy keeping up with the demand for her tatting. Well, Elizabeth, that's what you get for being popular!
Pamela's playing with Lions. She did both versions of Martha's lions and I have to agree that I like the fluffy mane lion better than the curly one. The fluffy one is done in Coats Aida 10 and is 6cm tall and the curly lion is made from Coats Madura Red Heart 20.
Wendy posted pictures of the cookie house her kids decorated for Halloween. The girls did a geography report on Brazil and they collaborated on the poster, but did separate reports and sang Happy Birthday in Portuguese.

Sapna is still fighting with clunies and onion rings, so to take a break from them she tatted the round motif from Melissa's blog in two colours, a little heart in blue and her first butterflies. The pattern form the Gun&Elwy's book done in one colour AKA Laura's 2 colour Pyramid motif, was done in Rose's crochet thread size 20.
Diane has indulged herself with hand dyed threads from Marilee, and a ceramic shuttle from Sherry. She tatted Mary Konior's Bell Flower from "Tatting with Visual Patterns" using the lovely green "Leafy" dyed thread and now she can't decide what colour to use to tat the other parts of the motif. She has joined the Square Deal Weave-Along and she thinks she'll add her motives to the woven background. Now does she make 3 blankets for her grandchildren or make little bags?
Bob started off trying to make a heart, but it's turned into a really cute snail.
Ruth has a new book almost out called " Tatted Butterfly Garden" and she's taking pre-orders for it. Lots of lovely butterflies and flowers.
Clyde's at row 7 on the Anemone doily. Lots of little motives to join together on this one, isn't it pretty?
Some time ago my husband Rob, started some software and then he got too sick to work on it. PDFPick is done now and can be used to catalog all of your PDF files like the ones from the online class or from any of the web sites that share vintage patterns and magazines in PDF format. It's a great way to keep track of all of the craft files you have and it lets you keep a record of the description of what's in them along with a picture from the file so that it's easy to recognize. There's more about it on my blog and on my web site. For subscribers to my newsletter, it's a great way of finding the pattern you want.
Laura tatted this snowflake from the Tat-Along project in size 30 DMC Cebelia in pink and white, but she really wanted to do it in red and white.
Sherry crocheted a hat in chartreuse and added some sprightly blue and yellow tatted flowers for accent.It's really cute!

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