Monday, October 22, 2007

Lots of Tatting Treasures

I started this update Friday morning and here it is Monday afternoon and I'm still working on it. Some days it just takes a while to report on all the variety of activities you folks are involved in. I apologize if I've missed anything. Sometimes I notice that things have been updated again after I've gone through the first time, especially when it takes me several days to get through them all. If there's only one blog that's updated I'll include it, but if there are a lot, I'll catch them the next time around.

While Bhavani was browsing the internet she discovered the "Encyclopedia of Needlework" by Therese de Dillmont on the Project Gutenberg site. The on line version is more recent that her copy and has some additions missing in hers. She's settling in to her new home and new job but hopes to have some tatting to show soon.

Wendy has posted some quilt blocks from an exchange and she's still on the hunt for books to make the kind of lace she wants that in are in a price range she can afford.

Sarah has been doing a lot of Christmas knitting and weaving a lot of different squares for the Square Deal Weave Along and just for good measure she got in a little crochet. Still no tatting.

Sapna has been making good use of her Easy Tatting book by Rozella Linden (aka Ruth), tatting a six sided motif, a small heart and a square motif. Lots of quick little tats that look really pretty.

The Square Necklace is another lovely design by Iris that will be in her jewellery book. She's working hard to get as much done as possible before she has to babysit her grandchildren in November. Iris also shares with us more of her Palmetto adventures.
Diane has done some more squares for the Square Deal Weave Along and she has decorated some shuttles for a friend as a gift using the wee tatted pieces made earlier. Sherry has tagged her to share 7 random and or weird things about herself. And Sherry has also helped her with setting up some links.
Kelly has been busy too linking to other bloggers. I don't think it is necessary to ask permission to link to a blog. In fact linking to the one anther's blogs and web pages just makes us all that much more visible. Kelly has been tagged by Melissa to share 7 weird and or random things about herself.

Carol's computer died on her, so no pictures until she has it back. She's been working on some exchange piece that she can't show yet anyway.

Ruth has posted Tootie Fruity The Southern IL fruit bat. The pattern was shared with the online class and in the Tatting Pattern Calendar. Ruth has also launched the first ever, Tatting Podcast.
Arlene has knitted some cozy socks and tatted an ornament from Ann Stearns book using a Sulky blended hologram filament and a glow in the dark thread. Next up she plans to do some angels in the same thread and maybe we have another podcast coming.
Mark couldn't find a suitable birthday card for his Mom so he did a hand made card and he and Kim are making a butter pecan cake cut into 4 horizontal thin layers with coconut pecan filling and maple buttercream icing. Yum!

Jon has posted a daisy picot snowflake with pattern and step by step instructions with pictures. This will be a good page to bookmark so that we can refer people to it.

Snowy has been tagged for 7 random or weird things about herself.

Here are the earrings Marilee did using her new Tigereye thread.

Laura did Martha's Flower Bouquet Heart tatted in Flora size 20 and DMC Cebelia size 20 and had to master the SCMR to do it. She thinks she may frame these to go in her Victorian bedroom.

Marty learned to tat from this Coats and Clark book she bought in 1974. There's some good patterns in those old books, but I agree, I much prefer visual patterns.

Melissa used a pattern Marie Smith sent her to create an edging for the cuffs of a sweater. Her friend Debbie found some wonderful tatting patterns in some old Workbasket Magazines and scanned them so that she could share them on her blog. There are numerous patterns including a tatted alphabet. Melissa has been very busy and has lot of pictures to share of her CQ blocks and silk ribbon embroidery and she's also been tagged to share 7 weird/random things about herself.
Sherry finally got to have her husband home on his birthday. She has also been tagged to share 7 weird/random things. Teri D sent her a wonderful package of goodies including some lovely tatted pieces. The request has gone out for cards to be sent to Mary Konior care of Sue Hanson and Sherry is sending her this lovely autumn leaf she designed made in Ruby 5 thread. Sherry has posted the pattern for it on her blog.

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