Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cats and Flowers, Hearts and Critters, tatting of all kinds

Pamela has been making lots of cats from Martha's book and decided to try for a Siamese cat. The first attempt was close, and she thinks her second attempt is just about purrrfect.
Wendy is working on a yo-to swap, and planning to make a Halloween cookies house with her kids.

Anne has posted an autumn picture of the moon low in the sky.

Laurie has done a tutorial on making a dream catcher postcard and she's working on plastic canvas Letters for the kindergarten class.

Sarah's technical glitches have been worked out and she's back to blogging about knitting.

In addition to working on her TAST samples, Norma has tatted the Simple Flower Heart from Martha Ess' new book "Tat's Amore" using #20 Anchor thread and the same thread was used for Connie Strobel's fan design. The "Elegant Coaster" designed by Linda S. Davies was also done with Anchor #20. The change in the appearance of the thread colour is simple due to the change of the background.
Clyde is up to row 6 on "Anemone" and so far the colour variations seem to be swirling out from the centre.

Mark has been working with some very fine vintage rayon thread and he has plans to make a number of motives and attach them to tulle for a shawl or cloth or veil, he's not sure just what it will be yet. Also posted are some yummy pictures of the cake and the room they decorated for the wedding.
Jon has done a wonderful tutorial on how to tat around a plastic ring and attach a motif into the centre of it.
Snowy has adopted 4 kittens that were sadly in need of care when she got them. Now they are more robust and becoming very helpful with her lace making.

Marilee has used her hand dyed threads to tat a version of Mary Konior's Briar fragment. This piece will be used on some note card.
Laura has posted pictures of her favorite subject, Isaac, although she admits she had to snap fast before he moved. She has managed to sew the critters she tatted onto her denim jacket. She's got a couple more to add, but she had to take a break from using the invisible thread. That stuff holds well and is invisible but it's like trying to work with a coiled spring.

Sherry has introduced a shuttle of the month at a discounted price. The October shuttle has a lovely orange pumpkin on it. A note on the Tatted Ring of Bloggers, it is apparently incompatible with Yahoo 360.

Wally designed "Rose's Peace" incorporating some mother of pearl tear drops she got in Cairo. She's hoping to find a gold shank button to fit in the centre so that it can be used as a pin.

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