Thursday, October 11, 2007

Doilies, Critters, Hearts and Flowers

Lynda has been working of several tatting projects and planning a 50th birthday party for her husband so she hasn't had a lot of time for taking and posting pictures. We'll have to wait until she's had time to recuperate and do some blocking and picture taking.

Wendy has no time for tatting, she's just too busy with embroidering quilt blocks, participating in exchanges, going to a conference, uploading pink pictures to the Passionately Pink for the Cure site and making salt dough for her kids to use.

Anne has been posting some lovely sunset and sunrise pictures and has kept up with her knitting projects. Whether, tatting,knitting or crocheting, it's always the same with large projects. The bigger they get, the longer it takes to complete a row.

Sarah has been cataloging her books in Librarything and she's displaying several hats she made for a baby.
Sapna has posted a whole collection of things she has done recently. The heart shaped motif from Tatting Patterns and Designs by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson was done twice because she didn't like the brown colour of the first motif. She used the green thread purchased from Marilee as an accent colour on the square motif from the same book. The basket from Gina's blog was tatted in size 20 crochet thread and the green 5 sided motif another of the Blomqvist and Persson designs. The Rosette is a design from Georgia Seitz' web site. The four leaf clover was tatted with Marilee's thread. While attempting the Rosette Sapna created these little earrings, and now that she has experimented a bit she thinks she might try it again with beads.
Norma continues to work on the TAST challenge and she has been experimenting with dyeing some cloth. She attended the 41st Virginia Mennonite Relief Sale Quilt Auction with her son and posted some lovely pictures of the quilts they saw.

Diane has finished 2 more of Mary Konior's Bell Flowers in size 20 Flora. Inspired by Mark's posting about working in fine threads, Diane tried the Briar fragments in King Tut quilting thread, color #934 and was amazed at how tiny a piece of lace she was able to make. She laid it on one of the squares from the Square Deal Weave-Along to photograph it. Then she decided to make more squares so that she could see the diamond pattern emerge.
Bev has posted a picture of a spectacular sunset and the tatted fan with the tassel and a fastener large enough to accommodate embroidery scissors that she made for her exchange partner in Singapore.
Kelly got an opportunity to tat some awareness ribbons and she'll post pictures when she's had time to block them.

Clyde has posted a picture of his miniature orchid that's in bloom .Anemone is finished and looks simply gorgeous.

Mark spent a hot weekend demonstrating at one of the local heritage shows and had several familiar visitors come to sit and tat with him. Mark was asked to make a pair of doilies by a friend and he has chosen to tat "Mom's Pink Doily" from Nancy's Bestitched web site. One down, one to go.
I have added instructions on how to do a screen capture to get a picture for when just highlighting doesn't work. I spent the weekend climbing the ladder into the attic and helping hubby haul out 30 years worth of STUFF so that the contractors can come in and re-insulate it. Twelve hours of hauling heavy boxes of metal parts out of a fiberglass filled attic and down the ladder and then downstairs left me exhausted and sick, which is why the challenge page hasn't been updated. I'm still dealing with laryngitis and a low fever, but at least I'm awake. I did manage to finish off the modifications to the collar for my sister in time to take it down to Hamilton on Wednesday when I went to the surgeon for and independant assessment, but that's about it on the tatting front.

Snowy took a survey and shares her answers.

Marilee has posted pictures of several items that she is submitting to a lace exhibit. There are several collars, a neckpiece that was the beginning of her necklace designing, the centre part of Ben Fikkert's "Noel" in the book "Floriade", weaving with tatting incorporated and a heart from one of Elgiva Nicholls' books. These aren't part of the challenge, but they certainly are worth looking at. If the images were copied here, they wouldn't be large enough to do them justice, so go check out her blog.
Laura tatted "Star #1" from the Blomqvist and Persson book in Altin Balsak, but she found the thread a little soft.She has finished attaching the critters to the arm of the jacket and tried taking a picture of it in the mirror. What a wonderfully novel jacket.

Marty tatted Lucky Clover from the Blomqvist and Persson book in "Jewel of the Nile" King Tut quilting thread. It measures about 6.25 inches (16 cm) in diameter. She doesn't have plans for it so it might end up as a gift.Melissa shares some CQ treasures she received, a purse she created with a pair of CQ blocks, and a tutorial on how to make a Spiderweb Rose in silk ribbon embroidery.

Sherry has Martha Ess' book "New Critters on the Block" and plans to try some block tatting. She has been working steadily on editing her book and took a break from it to go hiking and post some lovely autumnal photos.

The California Poppy pattern was shared with the online class by Lyn Morton. Wally used 2 tones of yellow, the darkest in the center and she added an extra repetition on the 2nd motif so it was a little bigger.

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