Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Tagging than Tatting

Gail has been tagged to post 7 weird/random facts.

Elizabeth created a shuttle design for the TatChat group back in the 90's and she still uses the design today. Here it is as a pin and done again as part of a necklace. Isn't it lovely? Elizabeth has also been tagged to post 7 weird/random things.

For everyone who thinks that dazzling designs drip from a designer's shuttle, Martha shows the slow, steady, scrupulous journey from concept to completion. There are 9 variations shown here for one small heart. Now multiply that by the 19 designs in the book, and Martha has done the challenge 7 times over!Pamela tatted one little mouse with Coats Red Heart 20 and another with Coats Mercer Anchor 20 and there is a significant difference in the finished size. Did you know that the plural for mouse, the rodent is mice, but the plural for mouse, the Manually-Operated User-Selection Equipment attached to your computer is actually M.O.U.S.E.s because it's the plural of an acronym? Last year Wendy's neighbors left a nativity set on their doorstep one piece at a time until the night before Christmas the last piece, the baby Jesus was left and the gifter revealed. What a nice way to celebrate the season! She is working on a Halloween yo-yo quilt, planning it as she goes.

Anne has added the pattern for her dragon wave wrist warmers to her web site.

Sarah has added some books to her library thanks to the book fair, and she did a little weaving just to try out bias weaving.

Joyce participated in the scissors fob exchange and has posted pictures of the fobs given and received. She made one with a button centre and another with beads. Beads do add another dimension to the tatting, but it also takes more time working with them. I prefer bobbin shuttles for working with beads.

Connie has posted the tatting she did while away. Jon's Heart Snowflake was done in DMC Cebelia Size 10 in a pale yellow and Mary's Square Motif was done using a sportweight yarn. Wally Sosa's Base motif #2 was made using Knit-cro-sheen metallic as an experiment. The "Butterfly Snowflake" by Samantha Melinychuk was tatted with Clarks O.N.T 6-cord Size 30 in a variegated blue. She also did a crocheted snowflake as a sample for a friend.
Sapna posts her 19th motif. She's also been tagged to post 7 weird/random things.Norma is recovering from cataract surgery and slowly working on her TAST samples. She has posted some pictures of a round robin CQ block where they are stitching a favorite Bible story or verses and this block has incorporated the lace corner of an old hanky.

Diane is modeling the hats Teri D made.

Bev has completed Mark's bat and it's waiting for Ruth's Tootie Fruity bat to join it.

Kelly aka Catherine has completed the Tatalong motif, Mark's bat and the X of the Cecelia doily but hasn't taken any pictures yet.

Ruth saw a picture that looked so much like tatting, she had to give it a try. Introducing Mr. Clickety Clank the Bone Collector.
Arlene has used the glow in the dark blending filament on another beautiful ornament. It makes ME smile and I can't even see it glow. Arlene has also been tagged to post 7 weird/random facts.

Clyde has been tagged to post 7 weird/random facts.

Mark posted the most gorgeous floral spray using Oliver Twist thread. I'm glad he got the visibility problems sorted out because it's just too beautiful to miss. Mark has also been tagged to post 7 weird/random facts.
Jon has been tagged to post 7 weird/random facts.

I have been tagged to post 7 weird/random facts too.

Snowy has also been tagged to post 7 weird/random facts.

Marilee has a new colourway done called "Winter Blend" in frosty looking blue. Marilee is starting to write down her colour recipes so that theoretically she will be able to reproduce the colourway. Marilee has also been tagged to post 7 weird/random facts.

Laura tatted Sherry's Autumn Leaf pattern in 4 colours and made a small mistake which she didn't notice until the end, so she re-worked it in Gemini Double Strand Crochet Thread by Royale color # 0460 Golden Yellow/Pumpkin and it's a very fall like colour. She may do a bunch of these and create a mobile with them. Laura has been tagged to post 7 weird/random facts too. Marty's sister did this tie dyed long sleeved onesie for a winter baby and Marty added the tatting along the neck using one strand of G├╝termann cotton thread and one strand of Signature machine embroidery thread. The diagrammed pattern for it is on her blog. Marty too has been tagged to post 7 weird/random facts.
Melissa has completed the tatted cuffs for her sweater. It certainly adds a touch of pizazz to an ordinary sweater. While she was on a roll adorning winter clothing she finished embroidering the lapels of her jacket and added some beads for sparkle. Doesn't it look terrific?
Sherry received a surprise package in the mail from Diane which included some wonderful tatting threads and the shuttles that Diane blogged about.

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AnneB said...

A lot of nice tatting going on! My shuttles are moving again and I might be able to post a tatting post in a week - or two…
Thanks Sharon for keeping this challenge running!