Friday, June 01, 2007

Doily, Bookmarks, Sun Hat and Motives

Sorry for the lack of recent posting. I had to get the Tatted Lace Pattern Collection newsletter done and out before I could spare the time to blog about the challenge. So here's a run through of the amazing laces that have been done since the last posting.

Wally had a slight designer's block but she's back to tatting now, and she only has 6 motives to go. To get things rolling she created this interesting design with interlocked rings. That was so much fun she did one with square rings. Cute and clever, Wally and the lace ;-)

Clyde finished the adaptation of the Distinctive Luncheon Set Pattern from the book Tatting Doilies& Edgings by Rita Weiss. The finished size is 17 inches across and Clyde has it sitting under a cranberry glass lamp. It's beautiful and I can imagine how wonderful it looks with a sparkling red lamp sitting on it. Gorgeous work.

Mark has re-worked the bobbin lace teardrop using some different techniques and written out the pattern for it. Nothing like stretching your abilities! Mark has also added 2 new how-to listings on his web page for pearl tatting and the zig-zag tatted chain. Great job, they are both clear and easy to follow.

Jon has been working on crocheting a tablecloth. So far it looks terrific. Some more vintage work has come to light while clearing out her MIL's house. There are several crocheted edgings and a partially completed doily. What do you do with bits and pieces especially when you don't have the original pattern or the right thread?

Sharon has the newsletter done and now we can see the pieces she was tatting put together as a whole. Here's a summer sun hat with a tatted band the the flowers we saw the other day.

Snowy had some thread left on the shuttle and she did these lovely little motives. They're so sweet they need to be made into something more.

Donna made her first felted object, a bag. Didn't it turn out wonderful?

EeKoon has been busy with her stitching and as a result several works in progress are now completed objects.

Azie has been stitching some projects in an exchange.

Marty has been playing with buttons, lots and lots of buttons. She has done button bookmarks and button motives and even decorated some T-shirts with tatted button motives. There are more than what's shown here so check out Marty's blog for all of the eye candy.

Melissa added her signature to the embroidered Floral Belle and did it in glow in the dark thread.
Sherry has created a special cobalt blue shuttle that she has named Diane. Too bad I don't use post shuttles, because I love the blue.
There are a lot of exceptionally talented people in this challenge and I think each of you has contributed to raise the bar even higher for the tatting community. Let's everyone keep up the good work!

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