Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Scorpion, Necklace, Hearts, and Motives,

I managed to run through all of the blogs yesterday but was too pooped to post, so here it is a day late.
Diana has been using embroidery thread for her tatting recently, just so that she could take advantage of the wide variety of colours offered. She's done a doily and some bells, but hasn't had an opportunity to take pictures yet.

Barbara had tatted an oval medallion designed by Lisa Trumble in an Anchor variegated size 20. There's a minor error on the inner ring which won't show once it's attached to the shawl. Another Lisa Trumble design is the Knobby Bud medallion also done with a variegated Anchor 20. That's motif 21 so it won't be long now until Barbara can start attaching them to the shawl.

Sharon is wavering between making a bag from an old pair of jeans or adding tatting to one of 3 bags she already has for the Tatting Treasures from Trash challenge. Somebody's got to start putting some tatting on these bags soon. I'm getting tired of looking at naked bags.

Marilee has turned the polymer clay piece into the 3D centre of a necklace. The colour is rust, but it shows up as a deep red on my monitor.

Charlene learned how to make a dimpled ring at the Palmetto's meeting. Some things make more sense when you actually see someone doing it.

Pamela tells us all about her adventures in exotic places where she was bit by a scorpions, on.her. honeymoon. As an anniversary project she decided to tat a scorpion. Referring to the specimens from her honeymoon, she modified Jane Eborall's pattern to make it more realistic. I think she succeeded because I wouldn't want to find this little critter in my slippers in the morning.
Melissa had a request for one of the tatted heart designs from her Etsy shop and she has progressed so well with the shuttle that she did this one with the shuttle. She has received a quilt block to embellish in a round robin and she pulled a number of items out of her stash to be used on the block, and sketched a wee design to be sewn on. I'm sure it will look stunning when it's completed. Wendy continues to pack and move boxes. They're mostly moved in to the new house, but still don’t have internet service hooked up.

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