Monday, May 28, 2007

Doilies, Stars and Necklaces

Would you believe this is post 175? That represents a lot of tatting.

Sharol is working on some motives to be used on her bag for the Tatted Treasures from Trash challenge. The red, white and blue thread on this Workbasket heart seemed like a good choice for the Memorial day weekend. The star she made is Sharol's own design.

Mark completed an exquisite Russian tape lace heart then did a pair of bobbin lace earrings "off the cuff" and finished up some thread from an earlier project making another original bobbinlace motif. Free time is great for getting things done.

After a long break Lori is back with a star for little Johnny.

Elizabeth took one of her flower designs and joined 3 of them together to form a pendant. Another modification to a Jan Stawasz doily pattern created a lovely necklace.

Sharon has posted another design that will be in her Tatted Lace Pattern Collection newsletter.

Azie shows us a lovely cross stitched pincushion.

Sylvia started a doily pattern from Mary Maynard's book intending to use part of it as a snood to cover her chignon. Her new hairdo doesn't allow for a chignon so now she'll finish the doily. She has also done a cross in a variegated thread and decided that she likes the effect.

Melissa is working on embroidering a lovely lady for Alece.

Sherry has turned her grape edging into a necklace.

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