Monday, June 18, 2007

Sunshine, Grapes, Butterflies and Flowers

Blame it on the weather. I haven't updated recently simple because I've been outside having fun instead of inside on the computer.

Clyde posts a picture of a glass gazing ball he painted with a lovely Hibiscus flower.

Jon tatted this lovely sunshine yellow purse using size 20 Hakelgarn Online crochet thread and about 480 beads. The pattern is form the Japanese book A new Approach to Tatting by Yusai Shokoin. It was done for an exchange and Jon's partner thought it was like a bit of sunshine. What a beauty!
Carol took an old crochet doily idea and reproduced it in tatting. It's a cluster of grapes and leaves and it looks yummy.
Marilee did a variation of Sherry Pence's Continuous Tatted Butterfly using Size 20 Flora for the black, and the colored thread is her own hand dyed DMC Cordonnet Special. She's also playing around with some polymer clay that didn't turn out quite right to see what she can create with it. So far it looks interesting and it would make a nice lapel pin.
Charlene was at the Palmetto's June meeting where she met Melissa and her husband. The day's lesson was Tatted Flowers led by Marie Smith. These are some of the flower samples Charlene has done from the class. She'll soon have a whole bouquet to use on her quilt blocks.

Pamela took a break from tatting critters to work on a doily.The pattern is Emily from Janet Carroll's book 'Elegant Tatting Patterns'.Tatted in Size 20 Coats Anchor and Flora threads the doilies measure about 8 inches. She had a lot of time to tat and she's done the doily in several variations and they're all beautiful.
Melissa and her hubby attended the Palmetto's June meeting and met Charlene. They worked on Marie Smith's flowers and hubby got in on the act and tatted a fern for Melissa to use in her crazy quilting. Melissa learned how to do a folded join and a new technique for a dimpled ring which is much easier to do. She's had a lot of requests from her Etsy shop for small tatted items that can be used in CQ. She's been so busy making these lovelies that it finished up her 25 Motif Challenge and now she has to decide if she wants to start over again.Sherry has had a terrible time. She was riding her bike with her dog when another dog attacked them and Sherry went skidding down the road. No pottery or tatting for a while until she heals up. Fortunately she had already finished tatting her big project. Here's her creation, a wonderful doily with her grape edging gracing the border. What an interesting and innovative design.Anne has her scarf knitted and an assortment of motives tatted for it. All she has to do now is arrange and sew the motives on and tat a border for the ends. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished scarf. It should be gorgeous.

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