Monday, October 02, 2017

Doilies, Bracelet, Ice Drops, Pendants, Button Motifs, Edging, Motifs, Dangle, Necklaces and Earrings

Vera tatted the Magic Square with size 10 variegated thread in autumn colours and then again in a solid colour size 20 thread. Both are pretty, but the design itself is more evident in the solid colour.

Claire likes the look of Kersti's Tabatha bookmark, but she chose to make it as a bracelet in Lizbeth size 20, Wildflower Garden # 154 tatting 3 repeats of the pattern.

Diane found some cat's eye cabochons on Etsy that really shimmer and she's been using them in Ice Drops. She has lots of cabochons but only enough Jelly Bean thread to tat one or two more. This green cat's eye turn out really good and she likes these light weight cabochons. After tatting an Ice Drop in Lizbeth Arctic Waters, #185, she tatted the same design again. The bale is glued to the glass gem so that the weight doesn't pull on the lace. Then next Ice Drop has more picots. The next pendant follows the same theme. She's enjoying tatting Ice Drops with Lizbeth Arctic Waters as she thinks the crackled glass gem adds to the frosty look. She adds the ribbon wherever her ends are. For variety she decided to use stacked beads instead of picots to give the Ice drops a touch of bling. Then she tatted a matching pendant. An Ice Drop with 3 beads in the picot, and a matching pendant.

Fox tatted another magic button gift, this one in blue and green. The second pair of adorable socks have been trimmed in lace and she's working on the third pair using Joelle's Viola pattern.

Margaret used Lizbeth thread Juicy watermelon in no 20 thread to tat Marty's pattern.

Marie finished round 8 on her doily and only has 3 more to go. In between she enjoys tatting these mindless creations. Here is the next round done.

Muskaan tatted this Noorjahan’s Rubies set as her contribution to the craft series promoted by Renata and Justyna. She tatted Usha's Encircled Charm in pink although she did 6 rings instead of 8. She worked on her doily design and she found out early some ideas didn't pan out. Other times she nearly completed a round before it was evident that it just wasn't working and the rows had to be cut off, but the up side is that the cut off pieces might make a very nice edging. She finally has her first trial doily complete at 9 rows.

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