Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Doilies, Edging, Motifs, Ice Drops, Pumpkin, Button Motifs, Runner, Bookmarks, Snowflakes, Dangle and Earrings

Vera has a spring doily, finished - in the autumn and although the colourful background leaves are stiff competition, the doily is still exquisite. It also makes her 25th tatting post and she intends to keep going.

Melanie has had good progress with the edging in mint thread and she thinks she has mastered adding thread to a simple ring pattern when needle tatting.

Lelia met up with the Tollway Tatters and these first three pieces are courtesy of Diane. Sue Anna brought kits for all of the tatters containing Karey Solomon's pattern "Easiest Ice Blossom" - with beads, ice drop, and size 10 Yarnplayer's HDT "Spooky". This one was tatted by Denise, who used smaller beads and size 20 tatting thread. This grouping of four were done by Barbara. This is a pumpkin Barbara tatted. And one more done by Barbara with a bead in the centre. Lelia has added to the edging she is working on.

Cindy's Mom gave her a little stash of pretty buttons to play with and she's been creating button motifs with them.

Diane has been working on her sister-in-law's runner and she's almost finished with the first ball of Lizbeth Linen Med. She finished another pendant in DMC Diamant ans she really likes this thread. She liked the Small Crystal Snowflake pattern that she test tatted for Robin Perfetti that she made three in a row. The Tollway Tatters obviosly had fun tatting together, with Nancy working on a necklace, Ana working on the project Sue Anna brought. Mary is working on these lovely motifs, Carol is working on an edging from an old tatting book and Barbara, who always comes prepared to tat! She managed to tat two Ice Drops, one with a green ribbon and one with blue. Lately she has been in the mood to tat with white. She finished her Easiest Ice Blossom (Karey Solomon's pattern), from our Tollway Tatters gathering and although she doesn't normally like tatting with size 10 thread, it works perfectly for this design. She played around with a design and it's looking good.


Fox got bored with tatting plaing old button motifs, so she turned then into bookmarks. They're fun to tat and great gifts for book readers. One of her favourite small motifs is this one by Blomquist and Persson. Renulek's Lavender is a delightful design.

Margaret test tatted Robin Perfetti's design, Radiating Clovers, THe first design she did in Lizbeth no 20 in white and the second in vintage variegated blue size 40. Since she'd been battling with the flu she accidentally tatted her first try with 7 arms instead of the 6 called for in the pattern, but it still turned out looking like a snowflakes.

Marie had a few request for the "Angel Ring," pattern, so she has posted it on her blog.

Muskaan has tatted her clover wreath pattern several different ways, one of which resembles a poinsettia surrounded in leaves. Adding a picot to the "leaf" enable the hexagons to be joined together easily. The poinsettia pattern has been posted to her blog. The joined pieces she has been turning into mats.

Sue's younger granddaughter put in an order for two other pair of earrings and she chose size 80 Lizbeth Berry Burst for her small dreamcatcher earrings which are done. She shows them here next to coins for comparison.

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