Monday, October 16, 2017

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Vera found this pattern on Pinterest and tatted it in size 10 thread as a test piece.

Pop Maria has been tatting and one of her finished projects is Ritorto 16 bracelet with blue beads. In time for autumn she created this lovely pair of earrings.

Melanie tatted this bookmark, Joy, designed by Melanie Cervi, which is all ready to go out. She has round 6 of Wiosna 2017 designed by Renulek finished and she's wondering what colour to do next and whether or not to include beads.

Cindy tatted Renata's ornament cover using the recommended size 20 thread, but the pattern is loose on the ball and the thread laced through the top and bottom ought to zigzag but it just sits there looking limp.

Diane has been cleaning and reorganizing but she did take some tatting breaks and made this Ice Drop in Lizbeth #657, Ocean Turquoise Dk. She has attempted Curds and Whey from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior many times, but this was the first time she has managed to tat more than two pattern motifs. She decided to stick with Ocean Turquoise Dk, but the frosted glass gem is slightly larger than the ones she usually uses, so she increased her stitch count on the top rings to 7-7-7 and also increased the chain count to 9. She didn't work very long on the Curds and Whey piece, but it is getting longer and she's starting to develop a rhythm with the  pattern. One more Ice Drop in size 20 Lizbeth Ocean Turquoise Dk., a colour that she loves. Curds and Whey is growing and she has about 3 more inches to go. Shopping took up a lot of her time, but she did get one more pendant done.

Fox finds this thread looks quite different with other beads, blue thread for the chains instead of green and a blue button. Take a look at the difference.

Marie tatted some more motifs while camping. She finally finished her doily, and just need to block it.

Muskaan tatted these motifs with flower centres for her series a few years ago. She tatted it again for the design class. Notice that there is a central negative space surrounded by rings. She also notices that different colours of thread in the same brand and different brands of thread of the same size, aren't the same size. "Picots",  the topic for "I Love Tatting" series, posted by Renata show that picots do perk up a medallion.

Sue finished # 14 of 24 in her ornament collection, Christmas Bauble with a floral band 2013 by Jennifer Williams tatted on a glass ornament which  is approx. 3 inches across, and it's size 20 Lizbeth Snow White thread. She tatted the centre band as the pattern says, then the top and bottom sections around the band, but it wasn't enough to stay on the ornament itself so she tatted chains to the bottom section of 3-6-3 joining as she went around to draw it in. She pulled a string through the top picots and pulled tightly and tied it off and added a dab of glue, let it dry and cut the tail threads. To meet her personal goal she'd have to tat 10 more by Christmas, although with other things going on that doesn't seem likely, but she has filled in her tree with tatted Ice Drops.

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