Thursday, October 19, 2017

Nametag, Ice Drops, Pendants, Dangle, Doilies, Yoke, Motifs and Earrings

Melanie used Gina's Tatted False Plait and added wood beads just a bit larger than those in the nametag edge.

Diane has been playing with Lizbeth #107, Tropical Fruit making pendants and Ice Drops. She loves how the choice of beads or glass gems can change the look of an Ice Drop. She also loves playing with ribbon colours. Her goal is to have a dozen pendants for Christmas in the Village. She has another treeful ready for it. One more pendant is done and it's time to start on Christmas colours. One Ice Drop pendant in Ocean Turquoise Dk. and she has the dozen finished that she was trying for.

Marie did another mindless tatting of an angel dangle. Finally blocked out is Jan's doily from "Tatted Treasures" which measures 13" in diameter.

Martha showed us the bits of the yoke as she was working on it, but here are some close ups of the yoke in all it's glory. What an amazing work of art. Here it is being worn and looking positively awesome.

Muskaan has collected up more samples of motifs with enclosed spaces. (Don't all medalions have enclosed spaces?) The Rosette center by Carla works well as a stand-alone piece but also great when more are joined together.

Sue tatted this little Ice Drop in size 40 Lizbeth Autumn Spice with glass bead centres using Diane's Minty Fudge pattern slightly altered so that it didn't have huge chains for the earrings, so the chains are 12 ds, and the rings are 1-1-1-1. The first pair os earrings are tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Autumn Spice with small glass beads. Next pair are plastic purple beads about the same size as normal Ice Drop "gems", and size 40 Lizbeth Elderberry Jam. The last pair again are small glass beads, and size 40  Lizbeth Autumn Apple Pie.

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muskaan said...

Excellent observation, Sharon ! Thank you for this nudge :-)
The difference lies in whether the space is enclosed within one ring or one picot, or outside multiple elements.