Monday, January 23, 2017

TIAS, Snowflakes, Shawl, Nametag, Doilies, Ice Drops, Stars, Crosses, Baubles, Flower and Suncatchers

Marthanne is determined to complete this TIAS even though it took her a bit more than an hour to figure out Day 4, it only took ten minutes to tat.

Sarah tatted Samantha Melnychuk's Kaleidoscope Snowflake from A Veritable Tatted Blizzard and found the inward facing chains made an unusual straight-sided hexagon. It looked a little crowded so she tried another option of changing the tip entirely and is quite pleased with the results.

Elsa has finished her awesome harlequin shawl which is made up entirely of tatted wheels or medallions. It measures 136 cm long and 42 cm high on the tip and weighs 126 grams made with 151 wheels, 8 sets of 19 different colours, 830.5 meters of pearl cotton 12 DMC, a little more than three boxes of golden pearls, taking more than 300 hours to complete. You really need to visit her blog and zoom in on the pictures to see the detail.

Melanie was wandering through her beads and discovered an unfinished nametag she started for Shuttlebirds. She has Day 4 of TIAS done.

Lelia started TIAS, one in Lizbeth size 20, #170 and one in #403 and one in  #161. She has Day 2 done in a couple of them.

Claire tatted Day 1 of TIAS using Lizbeth size 20 Autumn Apple Pie and she's not sure what it will be, maybe a horse? After Day 2 she's still not sure, but it could still be a horse.

Diane finished another Spinning Wheel Glass Mat and since she doesn't have the same goal of tatting one a week like last year, she has more time for Ice Drops. Still she only finished this one. She decided to try beach themed pony beads to decorate her newest Ice Drop. She didn't like the look of the two threads across the back of the beads. Her other experiment was with three seed beads instead of a picot at the centre of each of the rings on the front to enhance the crackled glass gem, but it didn't seem as effective as she'd hoped. She decided to get back to basics, one with minimal beads, one with stacked beads and one with a charm on the back, but the charm totally obliterated the flower. She loves the blue gem in her favourite blue thread. The simple front is the best for showing the cracked gems. She chose an angel charm for the back of this Ice Drop because it just seems to fit.

Fox tatted Frivole's Crystal Star, using a lovely #20 light lilac Lizbeth and pale purple crystals that she sent to Fox to tat her design. She did have trouble with the long picot and wonders how to avoid the excess. She did another in different colours. Thinking she might get rusty on her techniques she started another Myre Piper design from Tatting using the thread already wound on the shuttle. It may not be pretty, but it emptied shuttles and proved to her that she remembered how to tat split rings. Here is the beginnings of a mat she is tatting for one of her grandsons.

Jane found tatting a zigzag chain for Day 4 of TIAS a little bit taxing. Day 5 of TIAS is done although it looks darker taken in late day lighting.

Marie tatted another favourite cross pattern by Tatmom03, called Rebecca's Colossians 2:14 Cross. Marie has been encapsulating different objects in tatting which she calls Tattasaurusing like this Universal bauble from "Baubles and Motifs". This one is done with beads. This one is Simply Small Bauble. This one is a Frilly Bauble. This one is "White Picot Rose Bauble". This cross took her forever when she first learned to tat but now tatting it seems to take nothing flat.

Muskaan is tatting Jane's TIAS and at Day 2 she's thinking it's a ladies skirt or a cartwheel. Day 3 of TIAS and she's stumped. Day 4 she's back to thinking it's a skirt. Her whimsical tatting which started out as a chrysanthemum (perhaps a marigold in different colours) and turned into a carnation. The flower is worked in size 40 thread & foliage in size 20. Twelfth Day of December Snowflake (partial) by Lene Björn.

Sue tatted Renulek's 2016 Spring Doily in size 80 Lizbeth Summer Fun and Snow White with ends sewn in, it's ready for blocking. Another of last year's challenge pieces, this was a Christmas present for her in-laws who loved it. This is a large suncatcher she created for a dear friend for Christmas. Look how it sparkles in the light! This one was made with HDT and it forced her to be creative since she couldn't just cut mistakes out. Necessity is the mother of newly invented designs!

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