Thursday, January 26, 2017

TIAS, Name, Ice Drops, motifs, Doilies, Edging, Necklaces, Bracelet, Earrings and Snowflake

Melanie has her Day 5 of TIAS done. She has her nametag done except for a few more beads she wants to add. Here is the completed nametag ready for a chain or something. (I'd mount it on contrasting felt to make the lace pop and add a bar clip at the back.)

Sue is busy crocheting a bag to hold her wound teaching shuttles, but she had to jump in a ta along with Jane's TIAS, where at Day 5 she thinks it's an Humber Ella. Wasn't it the last one she thought was an umbrella stand?

Lelia, at Day 4 is thinking maybe it's a bunny, but still guessing and tatting several TIAS samples at once.

Claire at Day 3 of TIAS thinks it's a horse. Day 4 of TIAS with the zigzag chain was something new but she still thinks it's a horse. She was really hoping for a horse, but at Day 5 she has to admit it isn't likely.

Diane has laid the blue aside to tat Ice Drops in pink, pink thread, pink gem, pink beads, pink ribbon. Then she changed the gem, beads, and ribbon to purple. In spite of being told red and pink don't mix, the red gem, red beads and red ribbon work together in this Ice Drop. Pink, purple and red with charms on the back. Day 4 of TIAS with that zigzag chain is a change of pace. Day 5 brought on more practice with split rings which she's okay with until she has to start adding picots on the second side. (For a challenge, try tatting whole rings off the second side of a split ring.) Day 6 of Jane's TIAS and she's still not fond of split rings that have a picot on the second side, but she's getting better with them. She's looking forward to St Patrick's day and the advent of spring with all it's green so her Ice drop is green with a 4 leaf clover charm. She's practising Mary Konior's Masquerade in size 20 Lizbeth #628, Salmon Med, but the runner for her SIL would like will probably be done in something like Linen Med.

Fox couldn't figure out why her motif wasn't working out, but a closer inspection showed that she needed 8 not 6 repeats in the centre and had to snip out the beads and start again. Done again with 8 and that's looking much better. Back to where she discovered the error. (Counting stitches, counting picots, counting pattern repeats, have you ever noticed that tatting is a lot of counting?)

Jane tatted Day 6 of TIAS and wondered why it didn't sit straight until she realized she'd missed a split ring on Day 5. When the options are undoing a whole bunch of split rings or starting over, starting over is easier and quicker. So she did and it also gave her a chance to re-tat the zigzag chain so it looked better.

Lilas made a delicate lace border for her lingerie. She liked the idea of using silk but didn't know if it would stand up to the strain. She opted for the durability of Tenax 40.

Marie's sister gave her this raspberry thread for her birthday so she dad to try it out. She created a lovely pendant with pearl accents and added a matching necklace with pearls. Of course what lovely necklace would be complete without matching bracelet and earrings?

Muskaan thinks Day 5 of TIAS looks like a butterfly, but the pattern calls for a single size 11 bead, so it might be one in profile. She remembered Eliz commenting on the Nineteenth Day of December Snowflake by Lene Björn from 24 Snowflakes in Tatting and started hers with a tiny picot held with a paperclip. After completion she wanted to add glitter but wasn't too happy with how it turned out.

Wanda designed and tatted a doily as a thank you for the vintage shuttle her aunt gave her.

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