Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Heart, Techniques, TIAS, Ice Drops, Doilies, Bookmarks, Horse, Snowflakes

Marthanne only managed 12 motifs last year but she has started this year well with 2 motifs already done. It's the Butterfly Heart by Irene Woo. She has done a pair of them as earrings for Sweet Thing #3.

Elsa discovered that she had placed her picots in the wrong location and rather than suffer forever seeing a mistake in her lace, throwing it out, cutting it or taking other drastic steps, she moved the picot. How did she do that? She's glad you asked, and even better, she's shown how to do it on her blog.

Melanie is working on Jane's TIAS the annual guessing game we all love. Day One doesn't look like much. Day Two is a little more interesting. Day Three will keep you guessing.

Diane found some pink gems and had to make an Ice Drop. She fell asleep tatting this one. Day 3 of TIAS she thought it might be a cheerleader, but now she's thinking jellyfish. The 6/0 beads are too large for size 20 thread and she likes the look of this Ice Drop, but the beads make the chain flop. She tried it again with just 2 beads and the chains don't flop. A busy day made for only one Ice Drop. She spent her day in research on ideas for her sewing students and Ice Drops so she only got a little tatting done.

Fox is almost, almost there with only five more repeats to go on this round. Here's the big reveal and the finished piece is simply stunning. The finished size is 26" and it took 1/2 container of big beads and nearly a full container of the small lilac ones and there's a little bit of thread left.

Jane has Day 1 of TIAS done which doesn't look like much. Day 2 is a little different Day 3 doesn't have any connecting picots so what can it be?

Muskaan had some motifs done that she wanted to put to use so she decided to sew them together to create a bookmark. She added some tatted tails in the colours of the motifs and alternated the colour of the frayed tassels.

Phyllis' granddaughter loves My Little Pony especially Pinkie Pie so she used the pattern from Toys for Tatting by Martha Ess worked in Lizbeth size 20 in Dusty Rose Lt and Azalea Med.

Sue tatted Winter Rose Snowflake by Elaine P. Gan, another test tat worked in size 40 Lizbeth Tropical Punch.

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