Friday, August 08, 2014

Mouse, Motifs, Windmill, Doilies, Bookmarks and Pouches

Sue tatted Morgan Mouse on a button with a tail that's a little askew. Here is the wee mouse attached to her mobile phone case. This little piece of lace may not look like much, but it's Sue's first split chain, which wasn't so difficult after all. She's working on the windmill again in size 40 thread.

Ancolie tatted a Mat designed by Tomako Moritomoin in Lizbeth size 40 colour Ocean Turquoise #6257.

Diane feels like Mary Konior's Glass Mat is an old friend, and why should it be with how many times Diane had made it, but she's getting tired of this green thread so she's willing to share it with others. She loves how the variegated colours swirl around in this design.

Fox is moving on to the fifth motif on the Monster doily. The pink one however has suffered from a lapse of attention. It's been started again in another colour and although they are both size 30, this one looks smaller and tighter. Totusmel has created something totally unique; tatted jellyfish!

Kristen tatted the small bookmark from from Tatted Bookmarks in size 30 Cebelia for her boss. The larger bookmark was one of the first things she shuttle tatted and it's done in size 8 perle. This little motif, which is the first two rounds of a doily with the word Summer in the title from the booklet Doily Delights. She entered seven things in the Iowa state fair and got 3 blues, 1 red, 2 whites and 1 pink.

Marie made a sea-foamed coloured strawberry in size 30 thread. Then one in Teal and Turquoise made with size 30 thread. Her niece with want one in purple, like this one done in size 30 thread. This one was done in size 10 thread.

Wanda used Lizbeth #670 Victorian Red size 20 to make this Tatted Cross Bookmark from The Workbasket Magazine, but she doesn't care for the flower at the top, so she may change it.

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I am back in the 'game'. Sorry for this long absence from blogging.
Have a nice summer.