Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bookmarks, Hearts, Doilies, Motifs, Bracelet, Necklaces, Dragon, Edging, Pin, Fish and Suncatchers

Dawn made this bookmark in  J P Coats Mercer Crochet no 50 in beige. The cross motif by Mary Konior from her book a Pattern Book of Tatting, is called Peter and Paul tatted in Anchor Paisley No 18 colour 609. The heart motif is from the Learn to Tat book by Janette Baker done in cream Anchor Clark and Co Paisley on a small skein no. 18. The heart, flower and bottom left motif are designs from Jan Stawasz and the motif which is on the top left is from DS9 Designs in Sulky threads. Iris Niebach's Doily is taken from her book Tatted Doilies and made in Lizbeth 40 thread Spring Garden #124. This bookmark is made with two different threads, a Chameleon embroidery thread in Jacobean colour and DMC 3042 no 12 in Antique Mauve using a pattern called Segnalibro Fiore E Foglia an Italian pattern by Edda Schneider. Flowering Quatrain Bookmark designed by Joëlle Paulson is made in Anchor Artistic in Cornflower Blue no. 20. The snowflake by Lene Bjørn found in her book called 24 Snowflakes in Tatting is called the Second Day of December made in Altin Basak 338, a bright pink thread. This motif, by an Stawasz from the Tatted Treasures book, is done in Fruitti col. 14, a 12 weight thread for sewing and quilting. The heart motif is another design by Jan Stawasz from the same book done in a no. 12 perle thread for embroidery, colour is Copper Kiss. Jane Eborall's Flowery SCMR Bookmark was made from Twilleys Twenty Random Lilac thread and Altin Basak no. 50 col 332 in green. This cross is another design from Jan's Tatted Treasures book  made in Lizbeth Leafy Greens 138 in size 20. This motif by Jon Yusoff  is made in Lizbeth Wild Flowers size 20.

Jenn tatted the snowflake from a pattern found on Patrycja's blog "Milczenie nitek" which she'll have to do again as she noticed a small mistake.

Muskaan started with a small motif by Mónica Manceñido called Peace and Tolerance Tiny Heart. The design was easily modified into a diamond. Lots of other variations ensued.

Batty Tatter has an assortment of wriggling bookworms done, each one different and looking like it's squiggling off the page. One more done fresh off the drying rack.

Lilas is still experimenting with thread dyes and is currently working with reds and pinks on size 40 DMC thread, like this HDT she used for the necklace and bracelet.

Sue finished the dragon she was working on and named this one Hagua.

Cigdem used Russian Chaorite for this necklace and she had to try out several designs before finding one worthy of these beautiful stones. Marquise is the name of this necklace that uses a perfect shade of mystic royal blue crystals and metallic silver thread.

Lelia found the pattern for this square motif on Ninetta's Blog. This edging uses a  pattern from Jeanette Baker's book, Learn to Tat and is done in Lizbeth, size 80, colour 168 Latte Foam. These were the 4 samples she tatted and she liked the Jeanette Baker

Fox is on the seventh row of the Jan Stawasz Monster Doily using reverse tatting for the chains rather than flipping all the time, but that makes is harder when she has to un-tat the DMC perle thread.

Marie used Lizbeth, size 20, Boysenberry to dress up this antique pin. This pretty pin was a thrift store find embellished with Lizbeth, size 20, Boysenberry. This lovely cameo is beautifully encased in tatting and pearls.

Martha saw Jane Eborall's bauble and it made her think of a fish. So of course she had to make her very own bauble fish.

HisKid made both of these suncatchers from Sue Hanson's Crystals in a Ring pattern.  The first for her daughter's new friend in Lizbeth Caribbean size 40 with blue glass beads from Fire Mountain Gems. The second is done in Lizbeth size 40 Island Breeze with #3 Twisted Bugle Light Blue Czech Glass Beads.

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