Saturday, July 19, 2014

Motifs, Edging, Earrings, Pendant and Cross

Sue tatted one of Jane Eborall's patterns, combining in Lizbeth Twirlz, with some Rainbow Taffy and White.

Fox loves DMC #12 Perle and although it's a risk to order an unfamiliar thread she is pleased with how this one is turning out. Row 1 of the hankie edging is almost done.

Marie made Dragon Tear earrings to go with the pendant using tiny teardrop beads. She made another mood stone pendant in silver with colourless beads that have a mother-of-pearl coating and named it, appropriately, Raindrops.

HisKid tatted the Katrine Cross from Tatted Bookmarks  - cross-shaped by Lene Bjorn in size 40 Lizbeth Rainbow Splash for another senior in her Sunday night group.

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