Thursday, July 14, 2011

Necklace, Doily, Snowflakes, Motifs, Cat, Butterfly, Edging and Flowers

Joy has decided to join the challenge to keep her motivated. Her grandmother taught her to tat 19 years ago and one of the pieces she has done is a necklace from Tatting for Today called Fuchsia which was done with labradorite stones.

Nancy has obviously been working hard on Grandma's Flower Garden judging by how much it's grown.

Bonnie has another of Jon's patterns to show us, this one is called Sahmura.

Anne has a couple of beverage containers decorated with tatting. The butterfly is improvised on the base of the Minor Norwegian Dragon, the cat has a body of Nancy Tracy's design with Anne's adaption of a head.

Diane was another one of the folks who test tatted some of Jon's designs from her new book Elegant Tatting Gems. This one is called Ratnasari done in very traditional snowflake colours.

Fox is rejoicing in what we all know, that tatters are a special group of people who love sharing our craft with others. Like this motif where the pattern is by Myra Piper, the inner thread by Karey Solomon, the beads from Miranda, the yellow thread was from Suneeti, and the green Delicas in the centre were Fox's gift to herself. The shuttle is totally safe, completely harmless, finger-friendly, hookless shuttle, a gift from LaCossette. The hanky edging is... incomplete.

Kat worked on this shuttle tatted edging until she ran out of thread and had to stop. She received the started edging in an exchange and it was just the right incentive to get her shuttle tatting. She thinks she might use it on the little one's jacket. Lenore English's Awareness Ribbon shuttle tatted in Lizbeth size 20 for her mother, a breast cancer survivor. It just needs a pin so that she can wear it on her next walk.

Martha has been receiving such amazing packages in the mail. From Fox's thread give-away she received the thread and a tatted motif and a little bag of findings. From Marie the card alone is a nice present, with lots of little tatted bits in lots of different thread that obviously took a lot of time, but the real gift is a stunning Mary Konior doily. It must be Christmas.

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