Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Motifs, Necklace, Edging, Bracelet and Bookmarks

Joy had some motifs that were curling on her and she decided to use that curling feature to it's best advantage and attached them to some pincushions. It certainly looks pretty. She sewed down one motif, but the next one she did a second motif for the back of the pincushion and while it worked it, wasn't quite what she was hoping for. Then she got distracted by the Lizbeth thread and tried a motif from Lyn Morton's Tatting Patterns. The she was working on a six point star, that somehow went off track. She finished the necklace and it turned out lovely. She found some older pieces edged in tatting while rummaging for some material that would look nicer if they were blocked, but she can't face bending over an ironing board to fix them. Simple answer, styrofoam blocking board, pin out the picots, dampen, and let dry.

Julie tatted this Mary Konior, Mark My Words Cross a while ago and the reason she still has it to share is that it's one she kept for herself. It's done in Lizbeth Vineyard Harvest thread size 20.

Marta tatted a bracelet in navy and white and a bookmark in navy and blue.

Linda tatted a sun catcher with Lizbeth 156 Watermelon using a pattern by Nancy Tracy, slightly modified because she used a 4 inch ring instead of the 3 inch one Nancy used. It's held onto the ring with nylon thread and a small bell was added to the bottom for a very pretty sun catcher.

Bree has been whipping up quick little bookmarks with centre ribbons done in a variety of threads from size 10, 12, and 20 and from Aunt Lydia to Lizbeth. She has included a diagram of the pattern on her blog.

Fox tatted this motif form Spitzen Kreationen in Olympus and Altin Basak, both about #30. Suneeti noticed that the first part of her ds was quite a bit looser than the second half and when Fox tatted Jon's little snowflake, she made it utilizing Suneeti's suggestion, and the stitches are the most consistent of any she has previously worked.

Orsi has one short side and one corner or the edging for the 130 x 250 cm tablecloth done. It's a lot of boring tatting, but the tablecloth will be gorgeous.

Wanda has the pattern for her Heart's Honor bookmark posted.

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youngtatter said...

Do you have a link or more information for me? I know very little about blocking and would love to try your simple solution, I just need some more guidance! Thanks Sharon!