Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Doilies, Necklaces, Earrings, Bookmarks, Butterflies and a Shawl

Joy had some of her items on consignment in a craft shop, but the only thing that went home with a patron was a necklace that was shoplifted. She's thinking that she might try Etsy again and see if that works.

Jessica has finished the third section for her shawl which is the end of the colour work. Now she has to contrive a joining edging and a border to be done in white. It's already lovely, but it's going to be stunning.

Marta has a new bracelet and pin set done in blue beads on a black sea. Ship Ahoy!

Marty tatted Celine, from Tatted Butterflies by Adelheid Dangela, Jade, from Sherry Pence's The Exquisite collection of Tatted Butterflies II and Curly Q, from the same book. All of which she plans to add to an ornament along with some other small butterflies. They've all been done with Sulky thread and are tiny precious wisps of lace.

Sherry has been busy dying lots and lots of thread in colours like Treebeard and Enchantment which is what was used on this butterfly.

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