Monday, July 25, 2011

Bracelet, Necklaces, Earrings, Doily, Cross and Snowflakes

Joy has completed her necklace, bracelet and earring set, except that she has to do the earrings again because she has already given the first set to a friend. The good news is that she wrote it all down and it will be relatively easy to make another pair.

Michelle had a friend visit for a while and a lot of sitting and chatting translated into 4 rows of tatting completed. Only 18 more left to go and we can all empathize with the joy of having some done and the dread of more yet to come.

Julie managed to find time to tat a ring or two of Mary Konior's Small Cross. Watching active little one's who've been unable to run and play for a while due to extreme heat will often result in a shortage of tatting time.

Magda made a few sets of earrings she called Carmeneczki, which are decorated with faceted red and green glass beads and made with Madeira twist thread. The Queen Anne design of earrings are decorated with hematite beads in 2 sizes and tatted in silver twist Madeira. Luna is decorated with beads hematite beads and worked in silver twist Madeira.

Fox out did herself in test tatting this pattern for my upcoming book and did outstanding job with it, even getting the beads in the right order and managing the peculiar bead placement. It all worked out in spite of the thread having knots and twists in places and was way thicker than the rayon thread she's been using recently.

Gina picked up her fair entries and managed to score quite a few wins. She has also bee doing some more test tatting for Martha. This pattern is currently called the Broomstick Snowflake, but it's name may change before all's done.

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