Thursday, November 11, 2010

Necklaces, Earrings, Flowers, Snowflakes, Motifs and Hearts

Karen was working without a pattern, doing something creative, and she came up with this diamond shaped motif that made great earrings. Then she had an idea to add a cluster of beads to the chains, but the idea didn't work out the way she imagined. A lot of us have had the same thing happen. Why is it that the spectacular image we have in our heads often doesn't match up to reality?

Lily has the Bird of Paradise flower finished, but realized after it was done that the calyx was much too short. The Merry Christmas snowflake made from my pattern and was tatted in size 20 Hakelgarn in Neapolitan by LadyShuttleMaker. Lily has added beads to the tips of the points and a jump ring to turn it into a pendant.

Carolyn tatted Motif #2 from Motifs for Marie by Kaye B. Judt in an unknown ivory thread.

Ann has been busy making another colourful tatting press shown her perched on an equally colourful tatted mat.

Wanda decided to tat snowflakes for Christmas cards on her road trip in Lizbeth white size 20. While travelling, all of her tatting materials fit neatly into a covered Altoids tin.

BSOTF has some festive earrings created. a fun version with reindeer in the middle and a more sophisticated version without.

Fox's friend is a millwright who has just had emergency heart surgery and she tatted a heart for him using metal pewter coloured beads with a crystal at the tip. The cluny heart by Elisadusud in Peace HDT by Yarnplayer turned out well except that the solid thread colour isn't as good a match for it as it could be. The Remembrance Day Poppy pattern is adapted from Jon's "August Poppy".

Vinnie has been side tracked form tatting by other crafts, recently it's been beading and porcelain clay. Inevitably they ended up all together in one gorgeous piece.

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